Thursday, December 18, 2008

Goo-Goo Goggles....

Big G, little G, what begins with G?
Goat, girl, goo-goo goggles! G… g… G!

Well now, Grammy's got some goo-goo goggles (type that three times fast!) Fashionable new rims by which to see better with.

I've worn eye glasses since 4th grade and so a new pair of glasses is nothing new to me.....until today. I now own progressive bifocals --dubbed by me, goo-goo goggles -- because they are quite googly on me for the moment--vision wise. I wasn't sure I could walk to the car after my fitting. The earth moved, I'm sure. Thankfully Hubs was with me and drove me the 55 miles home. How would I have ever managed that on my own?

Before we left town we stopped at the DQ for a hamburger and it really hit me then that I can no longer discretely look over to the other booth out of the corner of my eye and evaluate someone's hairstyle, clothes or new purse. No, I must stare directly AT the person or I can't see.

Driving home in the passenger seat was another experience -- tipping my head down a little to see the land clearly and again, pointing my head, not my eyes, in the direction of the things I wanted to see. I felt like I got used to that (a very little bit) and then walked into my house. I had it in my mind that I would start a fire in the woodstove since the east wind was, and still is, blowing ferouciously making our home very chilly. I found that there was no starting wood in the bin so I went out to the garage to do a little chopping. Oh! Dangerous! I admit, I'm not too good at chopping slivers of starting wood from a chunk of firewood, but add in googoo goggles on-the-first-day and you get even more danger! I managed to sliver off enough to start my fire, but someone else will have to cut more starting wood for the bin.

Next I thought I'd tackle putting new glass into two picture frames. Well, well.....see-through materials and goo-goo goggles. Ummmm. Challenging. But I pursued. The glass ended up being a smidge too long. I was sure, very sure, that it was me.... that my eyes were not focusing properly on one corner or another. But no, the glass was not the appropriate size.

Moving on... and now the computer. Not so bad. I stare straight on so that's not so hard. The problem is when I need to look down at a key like: ! or 55 or ( ). I don't do the very top row very well when I can see let alone having to find the right spot on the goo-goo goggles to see clearly.

Tonight I will give the goo-goo goggles yet another challenge -- embroidery, for which I figured they'd be a joy. That close-up stitching has had me very frustrated these past months so I'm hopeful they'll make it easier to thread the needle and such as. Oh, and reading my book before bedtime. That will be another new experience for me. I've really missed seeing the page clearly.

I am determined. DETERMINED that I shall grow accustomed to these new-fangled glasses. I will learn to use them. I must, for they cost us dearly. Dearly, I say! I do know one thing.....when I'm outdoors doing the things I do, the goo-goo goggles can stay safe and warm in their case. I'll pull out the out-of-fashion glasses or the contact lenses and not have to worry about "blurry edges."

They say to give yourself at least 2 weeks to get used to the new lenses. I wonder.... can one totally retrain herself to walk, navigate stairs, cook, and chop wood in 2 full weeks or more? Perhaps the 2 to 3 weeks is training for the body as much as the eyes. Hmmmm....

By the way, ABC by Dr. Seuss is one of my all-time favorite books. I've always loved G for goo-goo goggles, but F too....

Big F, little f, what begins with F? Four fluffy feathers on a Fiffer Feffer Feff.

How good is that? I can't wait to read it aloud again to Miss Hazel.


  1. Too cute! I'm nearing the age for needing goo-goo goggles myself, which is why I've been putting off buying new glasses the last few years. If my eye doctor only knew I haven't been updating my lenses, I'm sure he'd scold...Oh well. ;-)

  2. Should I be calling you "GOO-GOO Gumbo" now? Take heart, you will get used to them. About the computer....that has been rather hard for me to get used to. I tried putting the chair extra high, in order to look down on the screen---that caused my wrists to ache. So I put the chair as low as I can, and tilt the screen down. It helps!

    Hugs, SC

  3. Awwww, hang in there Goo-Goo Gumbo (thanks SC -- so funny!) It will probably only take a few days. I just got new goo-goos a month ago and, while not my first pair, it only took me a day to get used to that feeling that I was going to fall down the stairs.

    As for the sewing, the progressives don't really help me. When I want it to be just right, I have to take my glasses off and hold my needlework right up to my face. I guess it depends on how nearsighted you are! Getting old isn't for wimps!

  4. I, too, love the letter F but I still can't figure out what a fiffer feffer fef is!

    I LOVE my progressive biofocals. It only took a day or so to get used to them and now I wouldn't go to anything else. Just keep them on, and soon you will love them too. Just remember to turn your head, not your eyes!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  5. I want to see the goo-goo goggles !!! Love Clarice

  6. Learning to Follow...I hope you'll get some new specs. A whole new world might just open up to you!

    S.C., Yup, I'm Goo-goo Gumbo now. I have to say, I'm having a better day with the goo-goo goggles today.

    Thimbleanna, you're right, growing old isn't for wimps. And sometimes I feel pretty wimpy.

    Marge, I am slowly learning to turn the head, not the eyes and it's getting better!

    Clarice, soon you will see the goo-goo goggles. Maybe when I wash and fix my hair first!



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