Monday, December 15, 2008

Another day in the Deep Freeze...

This morning we woke up to -26 degrees but thankfully with no wind. It was dead calm outside. The tractors were jelled up and wouldn't start. Once they did get started, they wouldn't function outside in the cold even when they were warmed up, so the guys fixed up a cover for the engine that held the heat in and allowed the fuel to stay liquefied which made the tractor operable. Diesel tends to get thick with the cold more so than gasoline.

I put down a thick layer of straw on the floor of the chicken coop yesterday. Today their water bucket had an inch of ice inside but my heat lamp kept it open for them to drink. I always take out a 2 gallon bucket of the hottest water I can get from the tap and replace their icy cold water with it. I like to take them some warm mash too. The kitties got another bowlful of hot milk and dog food to fill their tummies for the night.

This is the north window in our office. That's ice and frost in the corners and up the sides. All the north windows are coated since it's the coldest side of the house. The moisture in the air inside the house condenses on the windows and freezes with these cold temps even though we have double-paned windows.

Indoors I am wearing jeans and a long-sleeved T-shirt and my faithful button up sweater over top. You can't go barefoot or stocking-footed in the house this time of year -- I can't anyway. Slippers or shoes make for warm toes, and sitting by the fire is best of all.

Our high for the day was -12 degrees, tomorrow the weather man says we'll be at -6 for a high, but Wednesday the forecast is for 25 degrees ABOVE the ZERO mark! Won't that feel balmy?


  1. Oh My! Now that is a freeze! Southern Californians are bundling up cuz it's 50 something :0) They call that a "weather event". Makes me smile and shake my head. Stay cozy and warm!!

  2. right Jody. It is that cold here as well. I had to go for a walk today to get out with our yellow lab. Our windows look like yours too!
    Stay warm friend!
    P.S. I love coming to your site to hear Fernando Ortega's song. I play it over and is so-o soothing to me.:)

  3. Ellen,
    Cold means different things to different areas of the country, doesn't it? We're so diverse in America.

    Debbie, the dogs needed to take me for a walk today...short, but a walk. I'm glad you're enjoying "Give me JEsus." I love it too and never tire of it.


  4. Okay with the wind, it was like 7 degrees. I am freezing xoxoxo Clarice

  5. Same here, Jody. As I sit here this evening it's 23 below zero - most of our windows are frosty and the vehicles are plugged in so that they start in the morning. This is typical Minnesota weather - but, for the most part, we love it! Hope you stay warm and cozy by your fireplace...

  6. I really enjoy reading about the little details of your ranch life, Jody. Keep cozy!

  7. We're reading about the cold freeze out west in the news. We're having the opposite type of weather - rainy and mild - not especially Christmassy but it makes it easier to travel to town for shopping :)

  8. Wow Jody -- I'll cross my fingers that tomorrow gets here in a hurry. It must be a full time job just to keep all the animals alive through the cold!

  9. I can't imagine.... really, really I can't! I'm wondering at what temp does it just not matter whether it's 20 below or 30 below, etc. Can one tell the difference of 10* at those cold temps?

    Snuggle up dearie!


  10. hope all is going well with you and yours..wanted to stop by and wish you all a Merry Christmas!
    have a great one!
    hugs, Tina

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  11. S.C.,
    When it's -20 or -30, it is hard to differentiate. But there is a big difference between -15* and 0. Just today we broke into the single digits. The high was 5* and it felt so much better. No wind helps too.



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