Thursday, October 30, 2008

Simple Things...

I love how the afternoon sun comes in my window this time of year.

My "Greenhouse" which is my Laundry Room. Thyme has come in from the garden and I think I need to fetch the rosemary in too. See that long grassy stuff in the back pot? I planted a few garlic cloves in it and will snip those greens to add to my cooking for a mild garlic flavor. The more you snip, the more it grows.

The "Christmas" Cactus is about to blossom again. I 'm renaming her "Thanksgiving-Easter Cactus" because she generally blooms for both holidays.

I just potted up some rootlings from my parents' coleus plants. My Grandma used to grow lots of colors of coleus. How is it that little girls remember things like that about their grandmothers?

Pizza dough, ready to roll out and bake.
I like to make several crusts at a time, pre-bake them for about 8-10 minutes, and then cool and freeze the ones we don't eat. It sure makes for a quick 'n' easy supper.

All-Meat Man Pizza

Girl Pizza (all veg)


  1. Hi, I linked to your blog from my daughters blog..she is Ranchgirl she and your daughter were pen pals years ago..and apparently reconnected.

    She has been telling me about your blog and that I should check it out because I would just love it...and she is right. I have only started to go through and read...but what an enjoyable experience...I will be back.


  2. You've reminded me that I need to get an herb in too. Notice 'an' herb meaning I have all of one!
    The pizza's look so delicious! I haven't made one in a while, I'll have to soon.

  3. Your little indoor herb garden is so nice! I've never heard of planting the garlic to use the greenery part..think I might give it a try. Your pizza's look so yummy! I too am somewhat new to your blog. I think islandsparrow referred me to it a few weeks ago. I'm glad she did!

  4. Jody, nobody does simple better then you xoxoxo Clarice

  5. Ranchwife,
    So glad you stopped in and yes, I remember our girls writing letters back and forth. Welcome!

    Diana, one herb's better than none!

    Learning to Follow....welcome. I hope you try the garlic.

    'Cause it's simple!!!! (I don't to complicated very well)

    XXOO to you too,

  6. Oh, Lilly! I LOVE your blog ... at least what I saw of it today. I'm a country girl too, and simple is what I do best! I'll be back for another visit, 'cause I just subscribed, but I wanted to take a quick minute to introduce myself and say hello.

  7. I think I am gonna try bring some of my herbs in. I make pestos out of mine and freeze it in ice cube trays then when you make soups, sauces anything you can just drop a cube in! Fresh is always better though.

  8. RU4real, welcome! I'm so glad you stopped in.

    Diane, I've never made pestos. It sounds complicated, but maybe not?


  9. Both of my "Christmas" cactus' are blooming now. I guess they are Halloween Cactus'. They have never bloomed this early.

  10. I wish my Christmas Cactus would bloom - it's lovely and green but no blooms. Any tips?

    I love your idea of freezing semi-baked pizza crusts - it would really help when you want a quick meal.

    The afternoon light is lovely!

  11. Had to comment that my Christmas Cactus is blooming as well. What is up with that?


  12. Jody, love the photos, especially that dining room photo. Ah, so relaxing and pretty!



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