Friday, October 10, 2008

A morning walk around home...

(click to enlarge any photo)


  1. I can't believe you guys are getting snow already! Then again, I did get a glimpse of the weather map yesterday, and there was some horrid adjective pasted over your area of the country. Your photos look a lot better than that adjective would imply, though. And that nest is beautiful. Do you know what kind of bird made it?

  2. We are lucky to get snow every year! Love the nest. I wonder if it will be used again next spring!

  3. Well it was a lovely, short fall !!!! Enjoy the snow for us. xoxoxox Clarice

  4. I wondered if you would get snow. I saw the weather a few days ago and thought of you....hope all is well. Dianntha

  5. Wow is this snowfall early for you or do you always get it this time of year?

  6. It is quite early for us to be getting this much snow, but we often do receive our first snows in late October. It's very, very wet stuff, so I expect it will go off with a little warm weather.

    Laura, I believe the nest might be a goldfinch nest. From the shape and depth of it, that would be my best guess. They love this shelter belt too.



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