Thursday, October 09, 2008

Country Church...

A road a few.

I've been wanting to take a drive for several days to photograph this old Norwegian church that my Hubby was raised in. It takes about 30 to 40 minutes to get here, depending on the road conditions which, today, were muddy but not too muddy to drive. Services are still held at the Little Missouri Lutheran Church with a pastor who travels about 60 miles to this church and other country churches a couple times a month. Many of the same families whose ancestors established this church in 1889 are still attending.

Back when Hubby and I attended church here, we could pack 50 people inside comfortably. But when there is a wedding or a funeral, you might squeeze 75 (several standing) and the rest must stand outside the door and listen closely. It really is a charming little church.

There's a cemetery alongside and to the back of the church. There was recently a death in the community so if you look closely, you can see the backhoe off to the left. You'll also notice the green outdoor toilets to the right.

It's been a soppy-wet and chilly day here today. The wind is blowing and the thermometer won't reach 40 degrees. We're expecting more rain and snow in the coming days. We've been blessed with such warm Indian Summer days and now, I suppose, all good things must come to an end. Goodbye Autumn.


  1. What a very charming church. Not getting to the 40's yikes! Enjoy a fire and some tea :0)

  2. SNOW???? Oh, not yet, please! I do love it, but I'm still in summer LOL!

    What a beautiful little church. Thanks for taking pictures of it!

  3. It looks Norwegian yes :-)
    I work for the Lutheran church here in Norway.

  4. Hi Jody
    The church looks picture-book pretty. It's lovely that your husband's family have such a connection to the place. We also have to have visiting ministers come to our country churches. Our vicar takes care of two village churches as well as a big, town parish. However, he doesn't have to travel 60 miles (wow!).

  5. Charming indeed. Loved hearing about the church and what a committment for the pastor and even those that faithfully attend there.
    Our autumn has just begun!

  6. What a quaint little church!

    Jody - don't say goodbye to autumn yet...please!

    I live North of you don't forget :)

  7. I just love it. I looks like no time has pasted. Love Clarice

  8. I meant to mention a while back how much I enjoyed this post. I loved seeing the road, the steeple, and the church in its remote setting. So interesting. So pretty!



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