Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Of French knots and feedsacks...

I know you'll think I'm a bit "off" but I finally, finally learned how to make a French knot! I've been embroidering for years and just could never get my fingers around to making the French knot. I might, on occasion, do one by mere luck, but most of the time, I improvised. As of a few days ago, I can do the REAL thing! And as you can see by my little embroidery patch, I did several!

My plan is to make this sweet Feedsack Quilt (from an old Quilting magazine) with approximately 48 six inch blocks of feedsack look-alike or vintage flavored fabrics. However, I want to also incorporate a few embroidered blocks to add a little bit 'o me into the quilt. I'm riding along with Hubby to town today sporting the pick-up and horse trailer -- first and foremost, we're having a bull checked at the vet. I won't go into the details here, but Sweetie Pie will drop me off at the stoplight downtown and I'll hoof my way to the local Tri-State Bakery -- no longer a bakery, but a wonderful cache of fabrics and trims and some local handmade things. I love going. Here is where I'll choose a few vintage-y fabrics to make my blocks. I hope I can contain myself!

(I might even get a Dairy Queen dip cone out of the deal!)


  1. Oooh yum, a Dairy Queen Dip! Your blocks look fantastic -- and on that feedsack quilt they'll be Oh So Cute!

  2. I think you have it mastered...I have seen some stitcheries done with JUST french knots..iv various patterns and just done randomly....oh what a bit of thread can do.
    can't do the DQ...weighed in today...had too much birthday this week...ouch !!!

  3. These are so cute and they will be absolutely darling in the quilt. Guess what? Last week, I cut out that very same quilt pic and put in my newly organized quilt project notebook.

    The Tri-State bakery sounds like a place I would like to visit someday!

    Have fun with those french knots!


  4. Well now . . . I wish I could hop along in the truck with you and your hubby (hope 3's not a crowd :) I'd love if you could teach me how to make a quilt and of course, I wouldn't say no to a DQ cone either :)

  5. Oooh good for you, Same for me I've been cross stitching for ages but I've just started to embroider so imagine when I had to learn to do that french knot thing I never got to do it either. No even today. I don't know where to begin so I'm getting discouraged. Anyhow someday I'll get the patience totry again.

  6. Love the look of the quilt, and the embroidered squares will be beautiful with it...what a great idea! Have fun shopping!


  7. I am loving your squares you are doing !!!!! Clarice

  8. I have the same problem with french knots, I think it is a common problem. I use a colonial knot, it's a bit easier. I learned it from a candlewicking pamphlet.

  9. Very cute quilt, how's it coming along? The embroidered blocks will look so charming mixed in. I would love to see it.


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