Friday, October 05, 2007

Rockin' with The Beatles!

I'm not quite old enough to remember the British Invasion in 1963 -- I was only one year old at the time, but I am a HUGE Beatles fan. You know you're a Beatles Fan when you can remember performing "Yesterday" on the picnic table "stage" in front of all the neighbor kids while they threw crab apples in protest. (Really, I thought I was pretty good!) I spent a little time You-Tubin' today and found a few clips that were so much fun that I just had to share with you. Note the girls sobbing in the audience. I always wondered if I would have been one of those bawling beauties had I the chance to see them?
Are you ready to Twist & Shout?
(you might want to turn off the background hymn first)

She LOVES YOU! Yeah Yeah Yeah!!


  1. I really do not remember the first time I heard the Beatle (you and I are the same age). I was raised listing to jazz, Shirley Bassey, Sarah Vaughan, ect. xoxoxo Clarice

  2. I still have pictures of each of the Beatles I was given in the 60s--I found them in my old journal just the other day. Last year, my sister and her husband joined us on a jaunt to Las Vegas where we totally enjoyed the Beatle "Love" show at the Mirage. It was awesome!

  3. I remember when the Beatles came to the USA. The screaming and crying was contagious. The most controversial thing about them I remember was their long hair. How neat it looks today-they actually had pretty good haircuts! And where are the teen's low cut provocative clothes? Hey, we weren't so bad back then after all! Abby
    P.S. I still love their music.

  4. Clarice,
    I did not grow up with jazz, but I do like it now.

    Junie, how cool to still have some Beatles collectables.

    Abby, I still like the Beatles too and their haircuts! I've just ordered a *new* to me CD -- "Live at the BBC." I'll give a review of it when I get it! Can't wait!!


  5. Hello ladies, I LOVE the Beatles my favorite was "Black Bird". My sweet husband found out how very much I enjoyed them some time back an d got the entire collection of all their early works on cd's for me. I really think it wonderful to look back and here the tone of our music then the lyrics and the quality of the music.

  6. I was pretty young too, but I remember seeing them on the Ed Sullivan Show, while watching tv with my grandma. She was really taken aback by their long hair. She sort of got over it though, thank goodness! Mr. Staggs' hair was at least to his shoulders on our wedding day!
    I was more of a Rolling Stones fan, but liked George Harrison very much.

  7. I was born in 62, but I was really in love with the beatles when I was 14 j old +_ I was george and my friend was Ringo, We lived in a fantasty beatle world, It was great fun!!
    I still know every lp by heart.And we had maps where we would stick in all the beatle pictures we could find. I still have them...


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