Monday, October 15, 2007

Zipped but snug...

G. tried the dress this week. We wrestled her into it, tugging here and there, and got it zipped, but it was a tight sqeeze -- nothing a young lady would like to wear all day on her wedding day. Still, it was fun to pull out the aged lace and see it one more time. So this means that.......
we're going shopping next Saturday!
We're so excited to begin the hunt for the perfect wedding gown!
All of you have been married 25+ years--
do you recognize this style?*


  1. Oh yes, I recognize the style! It was SO dreamy then --- mine was similar but without the ruffle around the neckline. Now-a-days beautiful brides all look a little bit the same to me in their strapless gowns and lack of lace. :(

    But, happy shopping! I know you'll find something just perfect!

    Can you still fit into your dress? I cannot mine! Sigh! But it still has a place of honor in my closet. . .

    :) LaTeaDah

  2. How fun, I can just picture you in it. Good luck shopping. Clarice

  3. It's a beautful dress and mine was very similar, too.

    Have fun shopping for her wedding dress. I cried when I was helping my daughter pick out her dress--tears of joy at the wonderful adult she'd become but also tears of remembering her as my little baby girl.

  4. It's beautiful and does look a lot like the one I wore 22 years ago which I borrowed from my sister. She just celebrated her 25th so you are right on the money on the years!

    My other sister made my niece's wedding dress. She took a snippet of lace from her wedding gown (which she had also made some 30 years ago) and my mother's wedding gown (60 years old) and sewed the scraps into the underneath side of the dress. We thought it was a sweet thing to do. Maybe you could incorporate some part of your dress that way...


  5. LOL! That could almost be a picture of my wedding dress -- yours has a little more lace on the bottom, but oh so close! Have fun shopping -- my the styles -- how they've changed!

  6. Very similar, style-wise, to my 1978 wedding gown! Yours is lovely. I wonder how mine is fairing in the box?

  7. The dress is beautiful, and so is the young lady who is wearing it. I love her smile.
    It's going to be a lovely adventure, searching for the perfect dress.
    Best wishes to you!

  8. Have fun shopping! Bring your camera and capture the sweetness of the day for her memory book.

    I love Monica's idea of sewing bits of lace from family wedding gowns into the new brides gown.

  9. How very exciting for you two The thought of seeing my daughter in my dress is so strange. My gown was much different 25+ years ago a hand made dress of satin.

  10. P.S.

    No, I could not fit into this gown now-a-days.


  11. Thanks everybody for leaving your kind thoughts and ideas and good wishes here! I appreciate every one of them.

    La Tea, no, I cannot fit into this gown. After all, it was 26 years ago for me and I've grown mature and womanly! And I agree with you that so many gowns today look all the same -- strapless. It seems there is very little creativity going into the gowns, but perhaps that will change as fashion is fickle.

    Monica, I love your idea of sewing old lace from wedding-gowns-past into the underlinings of the new gown. What a great way to incorporate "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue."

    Isn't it interesting that so many of us more mature ladies had much the same style gowns? I suppose it was the "fashion of the day" back 26 years or so. We were following the trends of the times too, weren't we? Thank you for all of your kind reflections.


    Mrs. Staggs,
    She has a charming smile -- that she does!


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