Saturday, June 02, 2007

Rambling Rose

Have you ever seen one of these old-fashioned rose bushes? I call it a Rambling Rose, but I'm not exactly sure what type of rose it is. It blooms for a week or two near the first week of June and then it's all done until next June.

This is a picture of Gramma Hazel's bush (my late mother-in-law). It was her mother-in-law's rose before it became hers. I hope that my new daughter-in-law and I will soon have a nice, full bush like this one. Daughters from the Mother Rose, if you will. A nice family tradition, don't you think?

This year I asked Grampa Jim if I could dig a few chunks of root for my yard. He was glad to oblige me, so I took my camera, a spade, and gloves (it's terribly prickly) and went over with my daughter-in-law to dig a few pieces.

We had a little bit of sunshine yesterday and so I took the opportunity to photograph this Rambler at her best. There were even a few left-over raindrops kissing her petals. The fragrance of this rose is Out of This World. I have a bouquet in my bedroom and whenever I walk in, I'm walking in a bed of roses.
So lovely it is!
"I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck."
~Emma Goldman


  1. What a lovely family tradition --- very meaningful and precious to pass along.

    :) LaTeaDah

  2. This is so special, what a beautiful tradition to carry on over the generations. The rose is magical and so pretty - I have a yellow rose in my garden which tries to bloom (often) but due to drought and extremely hot weather conditions - they last only a morning in bloom - before frizzling up. Next time it blooms I will take a photo to show you. With our weather cooling down, it's sure to bloom.

  3. Very lovely! And what a nice tradition to pass along!

  4. Beautiful blossoms -- I can almost smell them! Even more lovely is your family tradition of sharing the rosebush from mother to daughter. Sweet!

  5. Beautiful roses.. love the colour yellow!
    What a special family tradition! Wish I could smell the roses, but I will enjoy them vicariously through you!

  6. Tradition like the ties that bind our hearts togeather.
    Your blessed.

  7. Beautiful, they look so happy to have gotten some rain. Clarice

  8. The rose photos are gorgeous, but I totally fell for the one with the boots. So Cute!

  9. Sometimes it's the simple, everyday things that catch my eye -- like muddy boots and my gloves laying in the sun to dry after digging roses.

  10. Very lovely! I'd like to plant an old-fashioned rosebush this year.


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