Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pillow Slip

I took a quick browse through the thrift store yesterday and made a bee-line directly to the linens. I found this pair of pillow slips bundled tightly in clear mailing tape so I couldn't un-do them to see if they were plain or embroidered. I knew the quality was good by the feel of the fabric so I took a chance and bought them for a mere $1.85. When I got them home, I unwrapped them and was thrilled at the design. White-on-white embroidery. At first I thought of doing a little silk ribbon embroidery on them in soft pastels, but I think that it would spoil the simplicity of the design. I'll have to find some plain pillow slips for the ribbon embroidery another time.
Do any of you call pillow cases "pillow slips?" I think it's an old-fashioned word -- one that my mother-in-law and grandmas used. I like to use it too.


  1. These are gorgeous, Jody! What a bargain!

  2. What a lovely find!
    If they have a flap like an envelope, we call them pillow shams.
    But just the simplicity of them is beautiful..

  3. Jody,
    Those pillow 'slips' look so clean, crisp and pristine! Great find! Fit for a Queen!
    You do such a great job staging your photos! I can't believe the spider web you caught on intricate and magical...aren't spider webs so mysteriously amazing and complex!

  4. Wow, great find. I think they are perfect, I would not change a thing
    xoxoxo Clarice

  5. If open on one end, we call them pillow cases. If closed with a flap, pillow shams. I've never heard the term pillow slip before, but I like the way it sounds -- like lingerie for the bed. Ooh la la!

  6. These are so beautiful! I love white on white embroidery. My grandmother used to say "pillowslips" and she embroidered very pretty ones.
    Your photographs are all so wonderful Jody. I love the spiderweb and oh my at the scenery!

  7. I love those! You can never have too many!

    I don't know that I ever say pillow slips, but I should. It's much more elegant.

  8. I like the white-on-white design. Very pretty!

    My grandma used to say "pillow slip"...but I haven't heard that term used in years. I like so many of those old-fashioned words and sayings.

  9. Definitely pillow slips. It might be an English/Australian thing.

  10. I just finished a Redwork Hen and chicks, can't post it until I mail it to the recipient or it would spoil the surprise for my friend I have met in blogland.


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