Tuesday, June 19, 2007


This is my ride -- "Pete."

I'm taking off across the prairie to find my sons and the cows and calves that they are bringing home.

We pass a buck antelope along the way.
He wasn't bothered by us at all.

And this building and corrals are called "The Shearing Pens" because years ago, before I came to the ranch, this is where the sheep were sheared each year.
We still use the corrals for working sheep.

Pete and I catch up with the boys and the cows and help take them home. Way off in the distance to the right, you can see our buildings.

The cows are hot and tired and really don't want to go any further, but we push onward.
Today, the cattle are getting insecticide and will be sorted. We'll have a cull bunch and another bunch that we will breed in a few weeks.


  1. What a wonderful picture you paint Jody! Gorgeous photos!

  2. I am still in awe of the expanse of the ranch....such endless horizon!
    Pete seems kind, loyal and faithful!
    Thanks for the ranch peek!

  3. Oh my, I can almost smell the, heat, the grasses and the animals. No...really...that's a good thing!
    Thanks for thinkin' to take your camera along to so many places. We city dwellers (with country in our hearts) need it! :-)


  4. Your comments mean a lot to me. I’m glad to know that “country” is in your hearts and that I can somehow fill them up a little bit.
    Pete is a loyal horse, but yesterday he didn't want to go out alone, and he kept trying to turn back and was crow-hopping with me all the way out to the cows. We managed tho.


  5. Well it is official Chloe wants to live with you ;-p
    Love Clarice


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