Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Good Beginning....

It's been on my To-Do List --painting this granary and chicken coop. It's been on my list for over a year, but now I can gladly say, it has begun. My daughter-in-love and I power washed the buildings to remove the loose paint, and now it's time to start painting. We decided on barn-red for a color with white trim. I think it'll look very nostalgic and charming, even if they are just a couple of old, worn-out buildings.
Here's the Before.

And here's the Good Beginning.
I have other chores to do today, but I thought if I could just get a good start this morning, it would energize me to carry on with it. I'll have more help in the days to come and so I don't think this will be too difficult to complete. Sometimes though, you just need to get started.


  1. I had to hop over from Britt-Arnhilds to see what a Gumbo Lilly looks like!
    I can tell that a Gumbo Lilly is what she is... I feel right at home.

  2. Love the red, although I have to confess I loved it before. very shabby chick. I just would have painted the trim pink ;-)
    xoxoxox Clarice

  3. Very nice start and that is a great shade of red! I have a shed that we started on last summer and never finished. Finding a time when it isn't raining and it isn't so hot that the paint gummies up on the brush has been tricky. That, and I am lazy.

  4. I agree with Clarice, pink would be nice! but then, there are husbands to consider. My outbuilding didn't get to be pink either!

    The red is very traditional and will be cheerful. Do chickens live there still? I turned my chicken coop into an antique shop, but it is not in use now and I am thinking about more chickens again.

  5. Hmmmmm. I like pink, but not on buildings. Yes, this granary holds grain and the chicken coop still houses my chicks. I guess you could call the coop "shabby -chick"!


  6. Jody,
    You are doing a great job...a very traditional looking chicken coop! It makes me think of Winslow Homer in his painting:
    Snap the Whip...check it out!
    Love the red!
    Happy Painting!

  7. Neat buildings...and I always love a red colored "barn"...very traditional and very homey, too.

  8. It will be beautiful clothed in this charming red coat.

  9. Living vicariously . I appreciate your journey and admire your zest for life!


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