Friday, May 18, 2018



Out on the prairie
the Golden Pea, or sweet pea as we call it,
is as abundant as dandelions. 
With the heavy snows of winter comes the wildflowers in spring.
You can see sweet peas everywhere you look,
and they are especially thick where the snow laid in heavy.
I look forward to seeing what beautiful wildflowers will pop up this spring and summer.
Wildflowers are perhaps the most enchanting of all for me.  I love their delicacy, their disarming innocence, and their defiance of life itself.  ~Princess Grace of Monaco

Here's a little country ditty about having cows around!  Enjoy.


  1. The Golden Pea is certainly well named. It is a lovely shade of gold.

  2. So pretty! I forget where I saw lots of those yellow flowers. California? Near Tahoe? They are lovely, lovely, lovely! I'm about to spread wildflower seeds, but it's raining and the grands are here. Soon.

  3. Now I'll be singing that song ALL day! Thanks, Jody. That was fun.

  4. What a beautiful sight, a broad field of those lovely yellow blooms. Are they called Sweet Pea because they smell good, do you think?


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