Thursday, May 03, 2018

Moving sheep and cow/calf pairs...



The last couple of days we've been moving the ewes and lambs to fresh pastures and today we will work through them, sorting out the lambs and giving them a dose of de-wormer before sending them out on the range to graze.  They've come through the harsh winter and spring and are finally picking up and looking much better than they were.  Look at that big baby sucking his mama.  Most of the time they get down on their knees to nurse.

Tally:  179 ewes, 289 lambs

We're getting down to the last 100 head of cows left to calve and in the meantime, we have been taking out pairs to larger pastures.  Gradually, we will work each bunch back to the barn to brand and vaccinate calves.  We branded one big bunch of calvies this morning. 

It has warmed up here and we've had some gray, drippy skies.  The moisture has been light, but still, we welcome it and are thankful for it.  The grass is slow-growing at present, but a few warm days should really bring it up.  The cows and sheep are really loving this fresh grass.  It feels like spring has finally arrived.


  1. Its really nice to see it beginning to get green. Wow those lambs have really grown. What an amazing transformation.

  2. Those lambs are already half the size of their mamas and obviously thriving!

  3. Yippee for Spring. Always enjoy the cattle and sheep photos with your big skies!

  4. It is so beautiful to see those sweet little lambs out and about. It must be quite a lot of work caring for them.

  5. It sounds like you're having a very busy spring Jody. I love to read of your adventures!

  6. It is so beautiful see them..

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