Thursday, May 10, 2018

Garden beginnings...

 Garlic (left) and onions
 Asparagus, and in the background, rhubarb!
Tulips and daffodils blooming

Tulips and grape hyacinth
The first small harvest of my asparagus plants.
So delicious.

(click to enlarge)
The young birders and I found this nest in a tree patch
 and look WHOO's peeking out!
I hope we will get to see owlets in the future.
The only thing I've planted in my veggie patch so far are onions, peas, and lettuces.  It's still pretty chilly in the nights and we aren't past our last frost date quite yet.  I bought some nice herb plants that are ready to go out to the garden when the time's right.  In the meanwhile, I've been snipping and using the lemon thyme in so many ways -- tuna patties, chicken salad, on lettuce salads, and in skillet dinners.  Next I want to try it in my Kukicha tea for a lemony flavor.  My DIL, JJo thinks it would be a good infusion for water.  I have never had lemon thyme before and it is now a favorite of mine!  I may have to go buy myself another plant.
The asparagus has been popping up like crazy.  We've had a few light showers and the daytime temps have been pretty warm, so it's happily producing and giving us some delicious green stalks to put in salads and to pan roast.  We love our asparagus here. 
I need to get potatoes in the ground, but I'll wait until my chicks are in and pick up seed potatoes from the feed store at the same time.  There was a delay in the chicks arrival, but they are on the way.  Are you gardening yet?  Potting up flowers or herbs?  What's springing up where you are?


  1. Isn't it amazing how all of a sudden we're in garden mode again! In my raised bed I have lettuce that's up as well as dill and cilantro ( the latter I grow for my rabbit. We're not fond of it but it's easy to grow).
    I've only ever seen young Great Horned Owlets in my life. There were three lined up in a row quite near a nest so probably had fledged recently.

  2. All our azaleas and rhoddies and are springing up right now. The lilac is waning. How nice to have fresh asparagus growing. Love that Great Horned Owl peeking at you!! Happy Mother's Day weekend to you.

  3. Your garden looks lovely. I love seeing all of your flowers in bloom. Your asparagus is wonderful. How wonderful having a owl and owlets. I would love that. I am so glad you are getting chicks. Yes, my garden is in, and I have little tomatoes. I couldn't believe it. It isn't a very big garden yet. I am going to plant my beets in a raised bed this year and see it that helps. You asked me about the what else the sign said on my table? It says, Honey, Eggs and pies and Dairy at at the bottom. It was a huge stencil so I cut it in thirds. I have a really pretty french rooster on one and I can't remember what else.
    I love seeing how green every thing is.
    I always think of Green Grass of Wyoming. "Do you have greengrass yet?" I guess you do. I have to read those books this year. :) Have a wonderful day.

  4. Your gardens look fabulous! My asparagus should be ready this weekend. Your owl is beautiful! I'm going to keep a bird count this thanks to your inspiration. I planted my garden already. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  5. Everything looks pretty and it sounds like you're gearing up for a productive summer! I'm just going to pot up some petunias for my deck. Nothing big. I was surprised to see an owl in the nest. I always thought they used holes in trees as nests. Live and learn! :)

  6. Just seeds planted here. Soon I'll plant snapdragons, petunias and fill the pots. Lemon thyme sounds fantastic!

  7. It is just fascinating to watch how nature is on a different schedule in different locations -- look at your daffodils! Ours are long gone and I'm knotting up the greenery as it diminishes. Your rhubarb is lovely and lush. I do have lots of thyme, but no lemon thyme -- maybe it's time to expand my herb bed to include that!


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