Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Merry Christmas! (April Fools!)

April 2nd and 3rd's weather deposited 8-10 inches of snow.
And cold.
Every night our temperatures sink below 10 degrees.
More snow on the way tonight and tomorrow.
I thought when I washed my wool pants,
 I was done with them, 
but no, 
I'm sporting flannel shirts and wool pants, socks, hats, and mitts.
Serving up lots of coffee and kukicha tea. 


  1. Same temps here. But I hope you aren't sending yet more snow this way! :) Glad to know you have lots of snug clothing and hot drinks! :)

  2. Is it ever going to end? Hope all the babies are staying healthy.

  3. Oh dear! There it is again. Glad you can have a good attitude!

  4. Winter just does not want to give way to Spring!
    Keep cozy and warm!

  5. I hope it gets warmer soon. Never heard of kukicha but I'm going to try it. Make some from the tea bushes right outside the kitchen.

  6. Wow!! I hope its gone by now. That is tons of snow.

  7. My mom in W. Va. just got another 6 inches last night. I think everyone is rather dumb-struck with the length and wetness of this winter. We haven't had much snow (except in Jan.), but the rain has been persistent. I hope you melt off soon! I can't imagine dealing with those cold temps now :(


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