Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Look who flew by my eyes today!
I had to look it up.  I think it is
The weather has turned warm here.  It was 45 degrees yesterday with sunshine and melting snow.  Today we hit 58 degrees with more sunshine and melting.  The little dry creek below our house is running and the overflow culvert by our stock pond near the house is gushing out.  The run-off is really coming down now and reservoirs are filling up everywhere. These last couple of warm days have been glorious even though we still have plenty of snow out and about that has yet to melt.
And guess what?
Thursday and Friday we are expecting
more snow.
And more cold.
Temperatures in the teens are expected for the weekend.
What will this poor butterfly do, I wonder?
Perhaps he will find a nook or cranny to slide into during the cold snap.
We have lots of baby calves running around and they are good and healthy. There are many ranchers in our area who are having a rough time. They are losing calves to the elements and sickness is breaking out in their calves too. It' been a long, tough winter for many.  We've been blessed to have three men working around the clock to save calves and keep everything fed and cared for.  We've also had to buy extra straw and hay for the cows and calves.  Straw for keeping calves dry and hay for hungry cows and sheep.  We could stay in this weather pattern for a while.  Our wet season is April, May, and June so we'll see what's in store for us.  We can't complain about the moisture when others not far from us are not getting any, but the warm sunshine sure felt good! The children keep praying for moisture (rain and snow) at their table prayers.  It has been engrained in them, I suppose.


  1. The hardiness of the flora and fauna in places with wildly temperamental spring weather like you have in the prairie (and we used to have to a lesser degree in the high desert) amazes me! I hope the butterfly makes it. :) And I hope you'll get enough warm sunshine to keep hope alive! haha. I know you have a great attitude, Jody! :)

  2. The weather is endlessly fascinating, I guess partly because of its unpredictability. I wish for you perfect weather.... but I agree, if it is wet at all, it's hard to complain!! We had such a LOT of rain last week, which paused for Pascha and our processions, but will continue this week. Now THAT is pretty much perfect. God bless you, and protect the animals, including Milbert!

  3. Oh dear -- we're just starting our little warm-up -- I didn't know it was going to get cold again. We always get your weather a day or two later. Hope you'll soon see lots more wet and much less cold!

  4. What a nice picture of that butterfly. Yes, 94 yesterday and snow by Friday. I guess its April. I am glad your calves are doing good. I can just hear those little voices praying for the weather. I hope your snow is the good kind that keep the ground moist. Isn't it Farmer Boy who call this snow manure snow? Or something like that because its so good for the ground?

  5. What a blessing to have healthy calves. It's good to have the right perspective about weather patterns for sure. We've had lots of rain lately. Sweet to hear little ones are praying at the table! :)

  6. Such a pretty butterfly. I hope it survives the cold weather.

  7. According to your link that butterfly should be in Massachusetts! What's he doing in Montana? LOL. I hope he does find a warm spot to sit out the cold weather.
    Yeah, it's a crazy winter. Glad you're getting plenty of moisture! :)

  8. We live in different worlds. It is so hot here, winter is a distant memory. Happy weekend, my friend.

  9. What interesting weather we've all had! I hope you have a good variation of lots of moisture, and warm weather too, esp. for those calves. Stay healthy, little animals!


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