Monday, January 01, 2018

2018 Super Chill!

 New Year's Day Walk (-1 F)
 Heidi likes to chase jackrabbits and deer

 No words needed

Indoor creativity

Out with the old and in with the new.  The old year goes and the new comes in.  That is how I explained what the new year is to 6 year old Toodles when she asked last night at our new year's eve  supper gathering.   To that simple explanation came her perfect word picture.  "Gram, it's like my wiggly tooth.  The old tooth will fall out and the new tooth will grow right in behind it."  Yes!  And here's a funny thing --  her wiggly tooth fell out last night!  Good bye old tooth!

The old year went out  --  super chill!  It was -25 degrees F from about 7 pm till midnight.  We stayed up so we know!  This morning when we awoke at 7 a.m. it was still -25 degrees.  So the New Year is Super Chill too!  Today we hit a high of 0*.  Woot!  It sounds like warmer days are ahead of us, which we will be very grateful for.  It's been sub-zero all this past week, at least at night.  

I can't help but continue my walks, no matter how chill.  I bundle up.  I'm in wool, as you know.  I try to go out when it's the warmest time of day and I've been tending the chicken chores between 1:30 and 2:00 because the eggs will freeze in the coop if left there very long during this kind of cold.  I'm taking warm water out to them too.  There's a heat lamp over the water bucket and that's the only heat they have besides some straw bedding on the dirt floor.  They are still laying like champs -- usually between 20-24 eggs daily.  Not bad, ay?

Heidi loves taking these short jaunts with me.  She chases jackrabbits and deer while I trudge.  I keep within watching distance of my family members,  walking near the trees so as to keep out of the wind.  Better to be safe and close to home than frozen stiff somewhere far off.  We've got about 5-6" of snow on the ground and in some places there's a foot where the snow catches in tall grass.  I haven't taken out my snowshoes yet.  Another snow and I will.  

All the livestock is hungry.  Each morning they are well fed for the day.  The guys take into account the extra energy the cattle and sheep are using during this cold snap.  Water is a major factor now too.  Tanks must be checked and flowing.  Every day there are water tanks to be chopped and thawed out.  It's just something we know we are going to have to do.  It comes with the territory so to speak!

Indoors the temperatures are fine.  I still have to wear my wool socks and slippers.  Floors just seem cold in winter, and if I can keep my feet warm, I feel warm all over.  Is it that way for you too?  I'm playing with my watercolors again and I plan to start up some more embroidery.  I wonder if playing with bright colors -- threads or paint -- keeps spirits bright during cold, dark days?  It seems to be helpful to me.

My heart's desire for 2018 is the same as my blog friend, Lisa,  
My only really important resolution will be to know Jesus better and to spend more time looking at Him and His word.  I want to be His hands and feet in this world.

Thank you, friends, for coming by here and saying hello and leaving your encouraging words.  I think you're wonderful!  I wish you a JOY-full 2018.


  1. The stove is definitely my favourite picture here! I need to know Jesus better this year. Blessings to you x

  2. That is cold!! I can't even imagine that kind of cold. Does it make you think of Laura in The Long Winter? It does me.
    I wish you the best in 2018 For you and your family. I think that is a very good way to look at 2018 to know more of Jesus. Happy New Year Jody!

  3. As always I've enjoyed reading about your family and farm life with its joys and challenges too. Thank you for coming by my blog and leaving a kind comment and good wishes. May this new year be full of blessings for you and your family. Loving Jesus and getting to know him even more is a good new year's resolution. Linda x

  4. I just love your New Year's resolution! That is my desire as well. The stove picture looks so cozy! Keep warm and Happy New Year Jody!

  5. Oh, I love your vision for the new year (Lisa's, too!)
    Stay warm! Brrrrrrr.

  6. Aw, thanks for the nice quote!
    I LOVE your bright flower paintings, and the cozy stove.
    I wear wool socks and slippers, too. :)
    Yeah, I'm also excited for it to get above 0*!
    I always enjoy hearing about your chores. I really do!
    God's blessings in 2018!

  7. A baby tooth falling out and being replaced by a new one is a great way to explain a "new Year" to a 6 year-old.
    May this new year bring blessings to your and your family!

  8. So glad you were able to have a get together for new year. It was chilly for us but wet too, certainly nowhere near your cold temps though. We had a quiet time just the three of us and the dog, and visited our favourite country pub. Had a heartwarming meal, played some dominoes and returned home to see the new year in. Of course I as usual did not make it and slept ;)
    I received my lovely card Jody and bless you for the magnet: one of my favourite verses; be still.
    I would also like to grow more in the Lord this year and hope this will be the case as I lift many family issues to him in prayer. I am also going to spend some time with regular check ups on your blog. Wishing you good health peace and joy for 2018

  9. That is an excellent resolution, and one that will not disappoint!
    We are quite cold (for us) right now too. I've had to take my tea kettle with boiling water out to the chickens these past few mornings, to thaw out their waterers. 3 more frigid nights, and then a reprieve. Very blowy right now, ice forming, lights flickering. We will be cold if the power goes out b/c we are all electric. Stay safe up there on your outdoor walks.

  10. Happy New Year, Jody! May the Light of Christ enlighten every day.

    I got my first taste of subzero weather when I visited my daughter in December, in Wisconsin. It was exciting! We did have to go out every day for something, but I didn't stay out long; I liked watching the snow through the window.

    But if I lived there all winter, I'm sure (that's easy to say!) I would have to follow your example and keep walking. And take care of the chickens, of course!

  11. I'm not saying food is real important to me but I first read your title as Super Chili wondering what you added to the pot to make it super. LOL. But it was the chill not chili. Yikes that is cold. Love your granddaughter's explanation of the New Year. I'm thinking about the continuing process of sanctification for my 2018 theme. Hope it's warming up for y'all. Happy New Year!


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