Sunday, January 07, 2018

Good Morning sky and moon...

 First Morning Light

After sunrise.
Banana Nut (Whole30)

The last few mornings we have had these beautiful skies!  Color and clouds, moon and frost.  It makes me so thankful for the simple beauty that God places right before my very eyes each day.

The banana picture is another of my new inventions for our Whole30 food.  I did it like the apple and nut recipe.  I put a teaspoon of coconut oil in the skillet, added walnuts and sauteed them for a minute or so and then added raw coconut and chopped bananas and sauteed another minute or so.  I didn't want the bananas to be mushy.  After it was done, I removed it from the heat and drizzled with a little vanilla extract and tossed.  I think rum extract would be good too.  Our little fruit/nut dessert was so good that I would serve it for dessert for guests!  I'm thinking peaches would be good like this too, don't you?

My painting obsession continues into the new year and I'm glad.  I've decided to continue an "art" journal, for lack of a better word.  I think I should call it an experiment journal instead.  The first pages I smeared some acrylic paint colors all over and then added some matte black acrylic too.  I wanted to use my white pen on top of it.  I decided to write down the Bible verses I've been reading and contemplating these past couple days.  I'm not much of a letter-er or calligrapher.  I wish I was, but at least it's legible.  I might have to try fiddling with that skill too.   I'm doing more embroidery right now too.  I'm participating in TAST (Take A Stitch Tuesday) where we learn a new embroidery stitch each Tuesday and practice it.  The first 20 weeks are outline stitches, so if that is all a person did, you would have a good foundation in embroidery.  I'll see how many weeks I follow through.  Winter is a good time for me to dive into creative ventures.  I want to keep going even when I get busier.  I just know that it's important for me to carve out  a little time each day to be creative.  It brings me much joy.

Do you have any creative things you are doing this winter? 


  1. I love stitch alongs like that. I did one this summer and made a embroidery book I love the new stitches I learned.
    Your bananas look so good. I finally made it through the wall and I have my energy back. I love your drawings. Do you know I bought my own sketch book yesterday? The first one I ever bought myself. I love your pictures. That sunrise and the frosty trees are incredible. Have a lovely week.

  2. The first picture you posted is absolutely amazing!
    The second one makes me cold just looking at it. Brrr!

  3. Your morning shots are beautiful. Glad you are finding some good eats for your challenge. Have a good week!

  4. It looks like you're having a beautiful start to 2018 -- even if you can't have sugar (which might kill me LOL). The winter skies are so beautiful and definitely my favorite -- I love winter. I also love winter because it means less outdoor chores - therefore more time for favorite hobbies -- yay!

  5. I'm trying to get back into my crochet- have taken up the Internet sensation of a temperature scarf as momentum in the on-going task of Mattman's blanket! Reading-wise, I want to read the Bible and Joyce's Ulysses this year. The Bible plan I'm following is chronological, so I've read Genesis up to Abraham and am now in Job. In my notebook I want to keep pages per book with the verses and ideas that are standing out for me. I'll colour them, but not as creatively as this! Save some of that banana for me!!

  6. Your journal pages look great! I've seen tons of art journals in my travels around YouTube and so many of them have no meaningful content. The scriptures really make your journal a treasure. Your use of color is great and I like your handwriting! I just got some nib pens, bamboo pens and stamp making supplies. I'm looking forward to digging into playing with those!

  7. Oh, your sky is beautiful!!

    I so admire your art. As to my creative things, I did bring dealmaking supplies with me here to my daughter's, but my mind is so busy processing everything new, I can't imagine settling down with any kind of necessary focus. So I guess writing is my project...

  8. Yes, being creative does bring joy. It makes me a bit calm too. We are both continuing with a journal! I mostly did writing while I was in WVa, but I look forward to going back to some art. I want time to rest. Your fruit dish looks yummy!


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