Sunday, June 04, 2017

Sunday drive on the prairie...

 Twogrooved Poisonvetch
purple flower in foreground.
The light yellow all over behind are
Meadow deathcamas.
Both plants are poisonous to livestock.

 Hereford cows and calves on summer range.

 Smooth Beardtonge
Penstemon Glaber

 Ballhead Ipomopsis
Ipomopsis congesta

Ballhead Ipomopsis

Hubby and I took a morning drive out to check cows and calves and to evaluate the grass and water situation.  Everything looks pretty good on the range, but the hay fields are not so great.  The hay is  very short and burning up fast so we'll start cutting this week unless we get a big thunderstorm.  We went from cold and windy to hot and dry practically overnight.  Such is life on the northern prairie.


  1. I love looking at the flowers! I never knew the names growing up. I sure hope you get some rain. The cattle waterers are for dairy cattle. I didn't know what they were when Kelly's parents brought them either.

  2. A great photo of your Hereford herd on the Summer range with the mountains in the background. Thank you for sharing the wild flowers. They're pretty, but some not so good for the grazing animals so it must be quite a responsibility to keep your cattle away from that area and also cut the hay during the right weather conditions.

  3. I hope the hay situation works out alright, Jody.
    I love summer in your land. I like hearing about all the ranch activities.

  4. I hope you get some rain. At least so the hay can grow. It was nice to have all of the rain that we did here but its still very dry.
    I love seeing all of those wide open spaces out there. With cows and no people. Have a lovely week Jody and don't work too hard.

  5. Just found your blog today and have had fun looking through your past posts. I live in North Dakota and love rhubarb, thanks for the 'new' pie recipe, I'll be trying that today :) Also read that your grandparents farmed in Eastern SD. I have many relatives that farmed in that area, mostly around the Salem/Sioux Falls area. Take care!

  6. Well those wildflowers have appropriate names for sure. Do you have to clear them or do you just keep the cattle away from them? Glad you could have a Sunday drive with hubby!


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