Monday, June 05, 2017

Pullets, hens, and haying equipment...

 These are my pullets.
Black Star.
They are black with a gold hackle and breast.
They are a hybrid laying hen that can lay 300+ eggs in a lifetime.  They aren't broody and tend to have a calm, friendly personality.  They are good feed converters and lay large brown eggs.
They will start laying in September, I hope.

 These are the Pearl White Leghorn laying hens.
They're still laying strong, between 20-23 eggs a day.

 Hens out grazing and grubbing.

 As you can see by the skies, we're hoping for a good thundershower or two tonight.
While we wait, NumberOneSon is getting the haying equipment ready.
Above:  Heston Swather, Vermeer Baler, John Deere Baler
hooked up to 4630 and 7510 JD tractors.
 This is my rig.
Vermeer rake hooked on to the old JD 2520.

And here's the mower.
A Vermeer attached to another 4630 John Deere tractor.
We're sure hoping that a good rain puts a halt to our start up.
We'd rather let the hay grow, but if it doesn't rain, 
we're going after what we have.
Praying for rain.
“I will give you rain at the right time, 
and the land will yield its produce, 
and the trees of the field will bear their fruit.” 
~Leviticus 26:4


  1. What nice tractors! I like your hay rake. I hope it rains. I have one brown leghorn. I believe she is the best layer I have ever had. She is crazy though, and I have never been able to tame her. My new girls are black and red stars. They are good layers because my old hens are black stars. I don't think I have ever had red ones before but they are sweet and gentle.
    Lovely post Jody.

  2. Praying for rain for you. Those black hens are something to see...

  3. What beauties! They look like a happy bunch too. Would love to give you some of our rain, it's been raining day and night for ages now! xxx

  4. What beauties! They look like a happy bunch too. Would love to give you some of our rain, it's been raining day and night for ages now! xxx

  5. Enjoy seeing your Black Star and Leghorn flock. I hope you get the rain you need. We've had a lot here in New England lately which has brought us up out of last years drought thankfully.

  6. Wow! I don't think I could drive the tractor with the big rake. Go, Jody!
    The shoes on my last post are Jambu. I'll send you the info.

  7. That's some big machinery!! Glad for the thunderstorm for you. I have been so frustrated with my chicken situation. I lost another hen this past weekend, so now I'm down to a roo and 2 hens :( Then hens can fly out of the orchard, although they very rarely do it, but when one of them does, usually the dogs kill them. I clipped their wings last summer. I guess I need to do it again? I wish so badly I could just let them free range safely, but our dogs aren't safe dogs for them. I have now lost 4 hens total. Yours look so happy! Do you start over each spring with new birds? Do you ever keep old birds? Do you have trouble with your dogs? Do you hens range all around your property? (Sorry if I've asked this before.)


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