Sunday, June 18, 2017


Will you take a turn or two around the gardens with me?  We're still in the early stages of gardening, but things are coming along.  The flowers are taking their turns blooming.  The columbine are finished and setting seeds while the phlox are showing off along with the poppies and larkspur.  The last of the allium are blooming and the shrub roses are just starting with their spring show.   In a few days the lilies will be the sassy ones showing their enormous blooms and bright colors.  The zinnia  and nasturtium seeds have sprouted and show promise of flowers to come in mid to late summer.

The veggie gardens are up and growing!  It has been slow to warm up much here and the wind has been very blustery this spring so my tomato plants are small but healthy.  There are a few blossoms coming, but they need some heat to get excited about growing.  The same for the pepper plants.  Snap peas, carrots, and beans are up and happy.  Onions, garlic, radishes, and lettuce are abundant and we've had  a nice little harvest of asparagus.  Salad eating has been great so far this spring.  I didn't show any pics of the broccoli plants I plugged in, but they are quite happy.  So are the zukes and cukes and squash plants.  

The big patch on the hillside is my potato patch.  The spuds are growing great.  I'm hoping I can avoid potato scab this year.  We shall see how it goes.  It seems that every year is an experiment in the garden.  There are always so many variables year by year. I've been mulching everything I can with old hay to keep weeds down and water moisture in the ground.  That's working well.  The little garter snakes like the warm hay beds with an abundance of bugs underneath.  They surprise me now and then when I bend over to pull weeds.

I forgot to mention that my plum tree has quite a few green plums on it and the apple tree and tiny cherry tree have fruit on them too.  My cherry tree is about 3 feet tall at the most and it's bearing a handful of green cherries.  I'm tickled! 

I have a couple buckets of BFGs (big fat geraniums) that are flanking my front door with their plump, red balls of flowers.  I have always had red geraniums on my front porch in summer.  I like their old-fashioned welcoming ways. Do you?  What's your favorite front door or porch flower?

We've been working in the hay field making as many bales as we can.  The hay will not be abundant this year, but we'll get all we can.  We are thankful we have what we have.  Others in our area will have no hay to put up and hay will be expensive to buy.  Ranching is always a gamble.

Just a few more days until the official day of Summer!  Yay!  I love summer!


  1. Your garden is looking nice. The flowers are so pretty. Love your header. That's too bad about the hay amounts this year.
    Hope you have a good week.

  2. Abundance! Woo hoo! It all looks and sounds wonderful!👏 Xxx

  3. Yes! Geraniums are so friendly!
    I guess I didn't realize HOW important the hay is.
    Happy gardening, Jody!

  4. Yes, the hay is very important. It's what the cows eat in winter when there is no grass. We had some carry-over from a previous year to get us by last year, but that's all gone now. So every bit we get now is all we have. We have to buy the additional hay we will need for the cows.

  5. Yes, buying hay gets pretty expensive. I'm glad you were able to bale at least part of what you need. Your garden is looking so good!

  6. Your gardens look great! Thanks for the tour. We have begun digging up some potatoes from plants that had died off thoroughly. Much better crop this year than last. We will plant again. Your banner photo is superb!!

  7. Your gardens are lovely Jody. Well the heat is on the way! Its blistering hot here right now. It looks like we might have it until at least the 4th of July. My garden is pretty happy.
    Your flowers are lovely. I am glad you are getting some hay.
    Will you get one more cutting if there is rain? I know I am sure enjoying my garden this year. I can't seem to stay out of it. Though, I am glad I don't have any snakes in it. :)

  8. Wow! Things look great. Blustry is a kind way to describe these cold winds we have had. Today was the first warm day we have had for weeks. What are you using to mulch your veggies? Is it straw? I have bad luck using straw as it is seed and weed laden and then I have stuff growing everywhere. I am sad to hear you don't have much for hay. We have had some rains this spring. My favorite flower on the porch is the Etain Viola. They are so pretty and smell divine! Thanks for sharing.


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