Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Work and rest...


We've been branding bunches of calves and moving pairs out to summer pasture.  We de-wormed the lambs and wow, have they ever grown!  Watching a big set of twins lambs nursing on a ewe that's not much bigger than they are is quite a sight.  We're getting to the end of the calving season which means we will be on the cusp of the next thing.  It seems we no sooner get done with one major job and there's another one coming right up behind it.  A few more brandings and we'll have all the cows and calves turned out to summer range and then we'll be ready to start making hay.  It appears we're going to get some hay depending on how much more rain comes our way.  And there's fencing.  Always fences to mend or to take out and replace with new.

Last Sunday I spent some time doing a little yard work and as I walked into the house to fix a mug of tea, I thought to myself, "I'm going to do my resting in the yard and appreciate the work I've been putting into it."  It seems so often that I spend hours and hours of time weeding, digging, planting, mowing and trimming and then spend very little time appreciating it, resting in it.  I took a couple magazines with me and enjoyed a quiet and refreshing time reading and looking around me and being thankful.  It was a gift, and I took the time to receive it.  Do you ever have to remind yourself to receive the gifts all around you?  I do.  It seems I get so busy with everything I'm doing that I forget to take it all in.  To just sit and be and rest and receive.  I want to be more deliberate about that this summer.  I love everything about gardening and I'm gung-ho to get things done, but I need to remember to enjoy the process, to slow down, and receive the rewards of work well done or even partially done.  

I read a fine quote from one of the magazines I was given.  

"It's not in doing what you like, but in liking what you do that is the secret to happiness."
~James Barrie  

I think that's very true.  I'm not about seeking my own happiness, but I think it is a contentedness that we all desire --being content with what we've been given, whether much or little.  Whether we have a pot of daisies or a whole field of them, it's good to let our hearts be satisfied and be thankful in that.

See you next time!  Be blessed!


  1. Tea in the garden sounds lovely! You are a wonderfully hard worker, Jody.

  2. It sounds like a nice way to spend a day. I love that first shot of all of your calves. What a nice herd. I bought a magazine yesterday and the guy that was checking the groceries said, I would love to spend a day in a hammock like that, and I thought gosh, I would never take the time."
    So your post really speaks to my soul about enjoying and taking time and being thankful with what is around us. It is nice to stop once in a while. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Contentment is a powerful thing. Good reminder to enjoy the results of our labor.

  4. Thank you for a very good reminder. Yes, I have seen that pattern in my behavior over the years - work work work in the garden, at home or at church, and then rest in the house. I try to overcome the habit from time to time! This week it's so hot, I have to be *very* deliberate, and sit out there either early or late. And the rest of the time I gaze out the window :-)

  5. I tend to be a window gazer, like Gretchen. I hope to spend more time outside, enjoying the summer this year. I know there is tremendous satisfaction in doing the work your family does. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  6. I agree with you wholeheartedly! I make it a habit on the weekends to enjoy my coffee on the porch if the temps are above 35. If I am reluctant, I am lucky enough to have a dog that is adamant we go out. It is rare I regret the decision. My job is high stress and always on the run. I'd go nuts if I didn't have my time on the porch to recenter. The quote is great.

  7. Another beautiful, thoughtful post Jody. There are always big jobs to do and I love that you're taking time to enjoy all of your work. I hope you've had a bit of rain in the last few weeks -- we've been drowning the last week or so. Hopefully it means nice green and happy flowers around the corner. Have a good weekend!


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