Sunday, May 21, 2017

Purple and blue hues...

The purply-blue skies are providing the rains that are making our country green up and grow lots of grass and hay and flowers.  The reservoirs are filling up too.  It's an exciting time.  The earth is slow to awaken this spring, but it's coming.  We have gone from the golden pea, daffodil, and dandelion yellows to more purple and blue hues of chives and allium, columbine and creeping charlie on my garden steps, catmint and violets, and the wild-growing blue flax.  The iris are just about to open too!  I love seeing the varied colors of spring coming and going.

As you see by my last picture, we have got the yearling ewes in and they are ready to lamb any day.  Since these will be their very first lambs, we will not fuss with them, but let them have their lambs on their own without our intervention.  Oftentimes when you fiddle too much with these yearling ewes, they get nervous and take off and leave their lambs behind.  We'll keep watch on them from field glass distance.  If the weather turns extremely wet for a long period, we will get them to the Big Barn, but still let them alone for the most part.  I love seeing newborn lambs on the green grass of May!

My gardening is slow-going right now.  It's just not been warm enough to plant too many things.  We had a low of 29* a couple of nights ago so we aren't totally out of the frost yet.  So I've been busying myself outdoors with mulching.  I brought over a couple of old, rotted, round bales of hay and set it on the bank near my yard.  I've been forking it up and wheel barrowing it here and there where I need it.  I've been mulching shrubs and trees and flowers, and I've thrown a good bunch of it over the potato patch.  I've also been tossing a lot of mulch over my veggie beds.  I don't really need it much yet, but I will, and I figure it might as well lay on the good soil and rot a little more and keep the weeds in the dark.  Later I'll tuck it around  new plants.  I plan to deep mulch everything in the garden when plants get large enough, that way I'll conserve water and soil moisture as well as make a good weed barrier with it. The mulch also helps with keeping water from running down slopes and hills.  The worms will love it, and so will I.  Needless to say, I'm feeling it in my hands, arms, and shoulders, but I'd way rather fork hay and push a wheel barrow and have something to show for it rather than do aerobics.  (I don't like exercise.  I'd rather do physical work.)

I've been taking a few Epsom Salts baths to relieve my tired body and I rub my achy spots with a  homemade magnesium butter.  I think it helps me sleep better at night besides soothing my muscles and joints.   This is the recipe I use from Wellness Mama.  You can also buy magnesium lotions and creams online like this one.  I like to rub it into my feet before bed.  I think it helps keep my feet smoother and it really feels good too.  The big plus is you get a good dose of magnesium right through your skin!  Have you ever tried magnesium butter or magnesium lotions for stiffness and achy muscles?  I think it's great.

Thanks for stopping by.  Happy Spring!  What colors are blooming where you live?

Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair... ~Susan Polis Shutz


  1. Thanks for the tip about the magnesium! Love the beautiful photos of spring unfolding in your area 💕

  2. So,so beautiful! I see purples and blues and GREEN! What a gift from the Lord that is.


  3. Everything looks great. I love those Columbine! I'm glad you are getting rain. My beans are up and one corn plant is peeking out. It has been pretty chilly here. I wish I had an old bale. My orchard needs mulched something awful. Thanks for the photos. I love the quote at the end.

  4. Things are looking lovely on your land. I think I need to check your links for the magnesium butter, etc. Lots of hard work when you have land and animals. I'm beginning to understand that more when we visit our son on his wee 20 acres.

  5. Wow! You've really got a lot of flowers compared to here in northern Minnesota. It's been so cloudy, cold and drizzly here for the last week. We got sun today, so maybe things will take off. Real exercise is always the best kind! :)

  6. It just looks beautiful! I love all of the green and the purple. I will have to try your rub. I think that is a wonderful idea. I have been mulching everything too. I love how easy the weeds come up. I would rather do real work too.
    Have a lovely day.

  7. So happy you are receiving rain. Takes so much edge off the worry of last year, I suppose. Beautiful photos to boot!

    Now my mind is turning about dumping mulch on my garden once it's coming up (I haven't even planted - I usually do Victoria Day wknd, but we still had snow etc this week!) We have a few old rotten bales right near the garden. When you say "deep" mulch, how deep do you mean? Feels sort of wrong to not have all the pretty rows with the black in between, but I bet I'd only say that for one second if there aren't as many weeds to contend with.

    Hope it's a happy day there. I'm going to be with my sister today, which is always the happiest kind of one here. :)

  8. Beautiful photos. Looking forward to the lambs :-)

  9. I hope your aching muscles are better soon. That salve sounds interesting! I have now eaten my first tomato -- I hope your gardening can take off quickly. 29 is pretty chilly!

  10. Your flower pictures are beautiful Jody! And the sheepies! I hope all goes well with the lambing. I love alliums -- we got new windows this year and the goobers stomped all over mine about a week before they bloomed. A year of waiting down the drain! ;-D


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