Saturday, May 27, 2017

May lambs...

Spring lambs are arriving daily!
I love seeing baby lambs on the green grass.
We are keeping our distance from these yearling ewes and 
letting them have their babies on their own terms.  
Everything is looking good!

A Frisky Lamb
A frisky lamb
And a frisky child
Playing their pranks
In a cowslip meadow:
The sky all blue
And the air all mild
And the fields all sun
And the lanes half shadow. 

~Christina Rosetti


  1. Those mama lambs are alert and noticing you and your camera.

  2. Are our lambs earlier than ewer lambs?! Ours are all growing muchly now. Maybe it's all the rain...

  3. They look so pretty out there on that green grass. It is so beautiful there Jody.

  4. Hello old friend! Lovely, sweet little lambs! I just wanted to pop over and let you know I'm blogging again, over at I hope you're able to visit sometime and catch up! Love, Tina xx

  5. Pretty lambs :) The poem is lovely too. Glad all is peaceful in your world.

  6. Aw! The lambs! You are my favorite farmer/rancher, dear Jody.

  7. I've not seen that poem before. I think she wrote it just for you!

  8. You guys are excellent ranchers! Glad they have such nice weather for their little ones!


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