Sunday, July 31, 2016

It's hot, and so's the coffee...

I know this may seem weird, 
but I like a cup of hot coffee
even on a 100 degree day.
It's Sunday
and so
I think it's nice to have a leisurely cup 
with a frozen cookie on top
(so it will thaw perfectly).

The clouds are developing, looking threatening.
Maybe rain.
But we are watching the skies for lightning (again).
Because of heat, because of wind,
and because it's so crackling dry here,
we're under high fire danger.
Actually, a warning for today.
I'll sip my coffee and watch.

I dragged my hoses around the yard and gardens this morning.
It's my weekly watering of trees and shrubs
and whatever else I think needed a dousing.
A good, hard rain would be most appreciated.
Please God.
Thank you.
 When He imparted weight to the wind 
And meted out the waters by measure,
  When He set a limit for the rain 
And a course for the thunderbolt...
~Job 28:25,26



  1. What a fun way to thaw out your cookie! We got some much needed rain over the weekend -- I hope you'll get some soon too!

  2. Yes, Lord, send some rain without lightning.
    That frozen cookie idea is genius!

  3. I am in complete agreement of your prayer. I will pray no lightening for you.
    I love hot coffee when its hot too. Its just nice.
    Have a lovely no lightening week with lots of rain.

  4. We're getting a lot of rain and still, the temps are hovering at triple digits. I'm so ready for autumn! That said, hot coffee any time for me!

  5. I love your mug! Praying for rain and no lightning for you. Coffee is always recreational for me. Just a now and then treat. Enjoy that cookie! :)

  6. We were so hot and dry here for a couple of weeks, really bad. A few days ago the temps dropped (only 87 today) and we started getting afternoon/evening rains. Such a comfort! I love a good rain. I hope you get more soon.

  7. Aw! I wish we could have coffee together! Praying for rain.

  8. Amen to your prayer.

    They say that eating and drinking hot things actually helps cool us down, somehow. I remember eating some really spicy Mexican food during a heat wave, for that reason. And when so many English people lived in India, you can bet that they did not switch out their tea for iced tea.

  9. I'm with you - if you're gonna have coffee, have it hot. And why not, with a cookie on top :-)


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