Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I've seen fire and I've seen rain....

Catchy title today, right?
You know James Taylor, yes?
(author of Fire and Rain, his first hit in 1968 )
We saw him this weekend.
In concert!!
I've always wanted to see him.
It sounded just like JT!
Some people came to the concert 
in this fun and funky double-decker VW Van.
Isn't it cool?  And so appropriate for a JT Concert.

 This July has been full of fire for us.
I've seen fire.
Every single cloud that comes over shoots lightning out of it,
and the men have been out fighting fires a lot.
But guess what??
We got RAIN!  Twice.
Wet, delicious, air-freshening, grass-washing, puddle-making
And I've seen rain.

Thank you God.
We can trust YOU.


  1. Yippee for a James Taylor concert and that VW is something else. So glad you got rain and it sounds like you've been on top of those fires. Hope you get more rain without lightning!

  2. I love James Taylor, too, especially when his songs were sung by my husband ;-) What a treat to go to a concert!!

    I am so sorry to hear about all the fires - not the way you want to keep busy in the summer that is already hot. Thank God that you've been able to keep after them, and THANK GOD for the rain.

  3. Your post prompted me to go to Wikipedia and read all about James Taylor -- I didn't know much at all about his life or how he suffered -- and to visit my husband's and my YouTube list of Favorites, which includes a lot of videos of him in performance. Thank you, Jody!

  4. The concert sounds enjoyable. Love the double decker VW Van. The group who travelled in it must have had extra fun. (Our son has a VW Camper Van with the interior upholstery made by our DiL in vintage style and it's a great asset for camping weekends. Sorry to hear about the fires and thank God for the fire service. Glad you got some refreshing rain. Love the photos of it taken under the shelter. All the best for the coming new month on the farm Jody.

  5. Oh, you lucky girl! I'd LOVE to see James Taylor in concert -- he has the BEST songs! And YAY for rain! I hope you get lots more! (But not with lighning!)

  6. What fun!! I would like to see James Taylor. I am so glad you have seen rain!!! What a total gift from the Lord.
    I hope it fills all of your water cisterns.
    I love that bus, what a fun ride. I hope it stays nice and cool too. I hope you don't get this bad heat wave we are in the midst of right now.

  7. Aw! JT! I bet it was absolutely lovely!
    Fire and rain. God be with you, sweet friend.

  8. Before I forget again, I really like your banner photo up there with the bright geraniums. Very pretty, summery, and patriotic!
    I know the kind of days you're describing. I haven't known them here on coastal NC, but I remember them in other places we lived, when the dryness and lack of rain for SO long created a pining and longing, a NEED for moisture in the air. It was hard. In WVa (where I was born), there is no such thing. It is moist all the time, beautifully green and moist and the air smells different there. I'm so glad rain came to refresh and comfort you and bring joy. May you have more!

  9. Love JT! We're inundated with music all day long at work. I love it when they choose to play a '60s-'70's station. :)
    My dad always drove an old VW van, so they are special to me. :)

  10. Now that song's gonna be running through my head all day long! Ha ha!


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