Sunday, April 10, 2016

Simple Little Things...

 It's tea time.
then I add...
some herbals (for health).
A mix of:
Red raspberry leaf, nettle, alfalfa, and plantain 
in a little fold-over tea bag.
This way I get my yummy caffeine boost
and health boost!
 Daffodils started blooming today!

 Do you see the tiny grape hyacinths shooting up?

 And the garlic scapes poking through the hay mulch?

 Rhubarb is coming on!
I'm dreaming of rhubarb custard pie.

 I got some new flip flops from Skechers
Yoga flips.  I like them

Miss Bee drew this picture on their sidewalk with chalk.
Its a mama moon teaching her baby moon how to walk in space.
(Isn't that sweet?)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. It's always a pleasure to come visiting and seeing what's new in your corner...

  2. Aw! The drawing is adorable!
    I like your flips!
    And tea! Perfect!

  3. I am enjoying a licorice tea as I read this. My gardens are also starting to awaken. Spring is closer.

  4. Ahh, looks like spring is springing on the prairie! Our daffodils started blooming too -- they probably wish they'd stayed in though, as it snowed over the weekend. Love those new flipflops -- they look really comfortable!

  5. It looks so nice and springlike. I love that picture on the sidewalk. How nice and how full of imagination. I like your tea blend too.
    I like your flip flops.
    I hope you have a wonderful week.

  6. I have never thought about a Moon Family before! It's great to see all the signs of spring on your place, natural and human and of the footwear type, too!

  7. Walking in space must be a lot of fun. And I wonder if they sell the little fold-over tea bags around here. I like the sound of your tea.

  8. I love these simple things! Mama moon and baby moon. I love the innocence of children. Nice flip flops! Enjoy all the bounty of nature around you...and the tea!

  9. That drawing is not only adorable, but it is quite imaginative, don't you think? Who would have thought of a mama moon and a baby moon? Quite a brain that child has!
    Adam wants to grow herbs for tea-making. Thanks for listing those. I didn't know plantain could be put into tea. I'll give that a try -- I have loads of it in the yard. And I'm quite jealous of your rhubarb. I love it so, and enjoyed it in Iowa. But my farmer friends here tell me it is too hot to grow it here :( Quite sad.


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