Friday, April 29, 2016

Bits and pieces...

It snowed again.  
Just a little.
It's melted now and the earth is GREEN.

Since it snowed, I dubbed yesterday a donut day.
I fed donuts to all the ranchers here
and they were glad.

I'm sewing little circle skirts.
It's so easy.
And so fun.
The girls like them.

Sidewalk flower petal art from a few days ago.
These are tulip petal and dandelion butterflies.

We are hoping for a little patch of sunshine today
 so the calvies will dry off and we can brand a small bunch.
  But so far, the clouds keep dripping.
We are thankful for it. 

Every particular in nature,
a leaf, a drop, a crystal,
a moment of time
is related the the whole,
and partakes of the perfection of the whole.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. Flower petal design = brilliant!
    Yum! Doughnuts! I think I'll make some banana bread.
    Happy weekend, Jody!

  2. The snow! I can't believe we are in the same country! I was sweating bullets painting a screen door in the garage today. Your skirts are adorable- where did you find that sparkly elastic? I am making one for the 4 year old"s birthday! This looks like sewing I can handle! Have a lovely weekend. Angela

  3. I need to make some of those skirts for the girls. So cute.
    Yay for donuts!!
    I always think of Farmer Boy when I think of those. I am glad the snow is all melted now.
    Your flower pictures are so pretty and spring like. I hope you get to do some branding.

  4. Those circle skirts are very cute. Hope you get some sunshine, soon.

  5. Snow again! I was just thinking yesterday how late spring is here too this year. Usually, by May 1st, the trees are fully leafed out -- they're just getting started this year. The little skirts are adorable and I love the pretty flower art -- two great ideas that need to be put in my grandma file! ;-D

  6. I love the skirts! I wish I could have you teach me how to make donuts. The look fabulous!


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