Thursday, April 14, 2016

Chick arrival...

Hey Peepster, have you hear this one?
Why was the egg so afraid?
Because it was a little chicken!

 Box o' Fluff

 The Littles love the peeps!
So soft to feel on hands and cheeks.

Did you hear about the hen who could only lay eggs in winter?
She was no spring chicken!

Why is it so easy for chicks to talk?
Because talk is cheep!

(All settled in.)

The CarpenterSon asked if we could order all Pearl White Leghorns this time around, and I thought, "Why not?"  My MIL always, always raised the Pearl Whites and none other.  She claimed that they ate less feed and laid more and bigger eggs than any other breed.  We do have one, lone Black Cochin.  The hatchery sent it along with the others.  It has feathered legs.  Pretty cute!

The 27 chicks arrived this morning at our feed store, and two of the neighbor grandgirls begged to go along with me to fetch them.  Right after we picked up the chicks, we drove to the townie grandgirls' house to let them experience and hold the tiny fluffs before we took them home to their coop. Oh such joy is this!


  1. How exciting! Do you get a new batch every Spring? It's been a long time since I've held a baby chick... I hope my Pippin will hurry up and get some chickens!

  2. How cute! Peep!
    Our Jenny lost one of her chickens this week. She is still sad. Fox.

  3. Nothing better than getting chicks in the spring.
    I love your pictures and your jokes are the best. I will tell my grand sons those jokes, I am sure they will just giggle.

  4. Oh what fun cheep cheep! Love the jokes thrown in, too.

  5. ternura, se acerca la primavera, todo se llena de nueva vida. tierno tu post.

  6. It's been some years since we had chickens, but I can still hear the cheeping! :) I always tried a new breed each year just for fun. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  7. Your post brings back memories. Cute little buggers. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Oh how fun! My grandfather was a turkey farmer and I remember the deafening sound of the peeps at the hatchery when I was very small. I can just imagine the fun you've had with all your little grandchildren enjoying the peeps!!!

  9. They're adorable! Glad the girls got to enjoy them.


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