Monday, July 13, 2015

Whoopi Ti Yi Yo...

I've been working on a little whoopi ti yi yo stitching and it's fun!
Almost as fun as riding horseback across the prairie in July, but much cooler.
And how about some theme music for your listening pleasure? 

The pony is a pillowcase I stitched for my granddaughter, Peach, who turned 7 years old on the 11th.  She's a boot-wearing, tractor-fixin', cow-feedin' cowgirl ya know.  I found the horse pattern here but I changed the flower out for a western rose. The tea towels are stitched on two corners with some vintage western designs that I love.  The patterns are from the Wild Wild West collection of Stitcher's Revolution.   The Bakery, my local fabric store, carries them.  I have many of the iron-on SR patterns and really like using them.  I made this set of tea towels for a local cowgirl who will soon be a bride.  The towels will be tucked into a little gift for her bridal shower.

The barrel of moss roses have nothing to do with whoopi ti yi yo except that they flourish on the patio at my ranch house.  They make me smile every time I walk by their bold, rootin' tootin' blooms.  They love the hot prairie sunshine so I think there's a little bit o' wild west in them somewhere!  Can I get a  "YeeHaw!" ?


  1. Your moss roses are definitely worthy of a Yee-Haw! I used to have better success with them before we moved to our current town - I think it's just not hot enough to keep them happy. I like the name Moss Rose much better than portulaca, which was the only name I knew before.

  2. Yeehaw! Yes, love the Moss Rose and that's the pattern on my Royal Albert china...

  3. I always love your embroideries! I enjoy embroidering tea towels, too, and want to use them but I have a problem keeping them looking good. Do you have any tips on using your embroidered towels and still have them look decent?

    1. My tea towels are not perfect looking either. I just use them anyway. The only advice I have is if you do stain them, wet them and rub in Fels Naptha soap on the stains. Let them sit a few minutes before laundering them. It's one of my favorite stain removers. If you stain tea towels with fruit juice, wine, or fruit, pour boiling water over and the stain will usually go. I figure if you soak towels in hot water in a bucket over night with some soap, it sure helps too, but I rarely do it.

      I hope this helps.

  4. I love to embrioider. It's getting to be a lost art. Your stitching is lovely. I love that you're passing on those treasures to your granddaughter.

  5. I really love your towels! I love to embroider. It makes me smile to see my DIL sitting and embroidering chickens on her tea towels.
    I love that you made them for your grand daughter. I loved the song too.
    I hope you are having a wonderful summer. Oh, still a dream of mine, to ride a horse on the prairie. Maybe check out some buffalo wallows on the way. :) Have a wonderful day.

  6. Yeehaw, cowgirl!! I really, really like that cowgirl tea towel -- she's cool! And thanks for the fun music -- they're good. I traveled out west as a teen and we visited some kind of a ranch for the day and ate there that evening -- touristy thing. But the men sang music like that, and it's stuck with me for many years.


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