Saturday, July 25, 2015

Beaded bracelet....

A dear friend of mine remembered me on my birthday with this fun beaded wrap bracelet called the Mirembe Wrap Bracelet.  I absolutely love it!  Not only is it a pretty bangle that I enjoy wearing, but it reminds me of some very hard-working women who are doing their best to get out of poverty.  These are women of Uganda who are learning skills like bead making and jewelry making and who also create skin products with shea butter.  All the products are fair trade, handmade creations that you are really going to love.  The organization, Bead For Life, is giving women a helping hand out of extreme poverty by teaching them a trade and helping them to learn entrepreneurial skills that will launch them in their own businesses.  With their earnings, some women are buying land and cattle to support their families, some have started businesses selling tap water or garden vegetables, others are starting schools for children.  Many are able to send their children to school with their earnings.

Every time I wear my bracelet, I think of the woman who might have made my bracelet, and I think of the friend who gave it to me.  These are the gifts that give back.  I just wanted to share Bead for Life with you in case you have some special people you'd like to give a special gift to. 


  1. That's so pretty -- I'm so thankful for the many fair trades organizations that have sprung up and are helping the needy. And they make such beautiful, unique things.

  2. It's beautiful Jody -- thanks for the link. A friend of a friend has started a similar organization in one of the ghettos of Nairobi and they do such beautiful work!

  3. Very beautiful and a wonderful way to help people!

  4. What a lovely bracelet Jody, I enjoy receiving authentic gifts like that. African women are so talented with beadwork. I love the intricate designs the Zulu women make.
    A belated birthday wish from me:) x


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