Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Home, home on the range....

where the deer and the antelope play...


Lots of antelope fawns are roaming the prairie.
Most are twins.
For the first couple weeks of their lives, 
they are hidden until they can run with Mama.   
They are beautiful creatures and fun to watch.
If you click the photos up to full size, 
you'll see some interesting details about them.


  1. Oooh, they're beautiful Jody! I had no idea that you had antelope on the prairie -- I thought they were more of a mountain animal. And Peach is 7??? Unbelievable!!! (Love all your beautiful stitching on your last post!!!)

  2. They are lovely, I can just see them in my mind, bouncing across the prairie.

  3. They're pretty -- love their long, straight legs. I hope nobody hunts them down!

  4. How elegant they are with their long legs. And they look so free and happy. Beautiful.

  5. I haven't seen an antelope in the wild since I lived in Colorado and we occasionally drove through Wyoming when I was young. I suppose they're as common where you are as deer are here? Common but still exciting to see. :) I always drop what I'm doing and watch the deer out my windows.


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