Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Makin' stuff....

A Pocket Tote Bag  & A Patriotic Wreath
(The Bakery, where I buy my fabric goodies)
There's been more to life lately than just makin' stuff in my workshop, but before I let them slip by, I wanted to post about two fun projects I made.  I love quick-ish projects and these were fairly easy to do.  OnlyDaughter found a grouping of 12 free handbag patterns on Pinterest and the pocket tote  caught my eye.  We went to The Bakery, our local and wonderful fabric store, to get the goods.  You've heard me talk about it and I even gave you a tour of it here, so if you care to walk in a look around, you can.  We girls found a fun laminated fabric for the outside of the bag and gray chevron lining for the inside of the bag.  We used a charcoal gray trim for the edges and strap.  The tutorial for the DIY pocket handbag is found at Flamingo Toes.  It's a great little blog for sewing projects and tutorials.  OnlyDaughter likes her new, plenty-o-pockets, summer tote.

The next project on my crafty to-do list was this Patriotic Wreath, another Pinterest find by OnlyDaughter.  The wreath base is a pool noodle that is taped together with packing tape and then  wrapped with torn blue jeans.  The flowers are made with denim and red and white fabric scraps I had.  It's all hot glue gun work so that made it pretty simple to make. I added some denim flowers to my wreath which weren't a part of the original "recipe" but I liked them.  Here's a link for some denim flowers to try.  My flowers are smaller than this tutorial's. This wreath should take our front door all the way through summer.  What kinds of creative projects are you working on?


  1. The wreath just "fits" your front porch and sure gives warm greeting to those who come by! Wish I was stopping by!


  2. Both projects are darling! Thanks for the links.

  3. Beautiful Jody! The new bag is wonderful -- look at all those great pockets. I'll bet that laminated fabric was fun -- haha. No room for errors with laminate -- it shows unpicked seams LOL!

  4. Jody. What great projects. Love the bag. I've never sewed with laminated fabric. And that wreath!!! Love it. I love anything denim.

  5. ...just love the wreath! The bag looks so roomy
    and comfortable to carry!
    thanks for sharing the links!

  6. Love it! I was just at the craft store today looking at fabric and collecting things to make a summer wreath, too. I really like how your wreath turned out.

  7. Well done, good bag lady!
    I always like to hear about the fabric store. I may have to scout out some more traditional fabric stores, if there are any!

  8. Love that bag (what a great fabric shop), great fabric choice. The wreath is so you, I love it!!! Clarice

  9. Your little town looks like mine :). I love your bags and what a darling wreath!! ~Julia


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