Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hermit Thrush...

A sweet little bunch of birdies has come to live in my yard and sometimes hops on my front porch and lets me get close.  I'm not sure why, but this li'l fella let me get right up close and personal with him.  Last night one of them hit the window and I went out to take a look and set it out in the lawn until it came out of its concussion (or whatever birds have when they crash into the windows).  Maybe it wanted to thank me tonight by letting me get so close.

I have seen these little birds before.  They look very much like robins, but they are smaller, speckled on the breast, and have a white eye ring.  I have come to learn that this particular thrush is a Hermit Thrush.  You can learn more about it here and listen to its song and learn of its habits.  These particular thrushes don't seem all that afraid of me.  I hope they stay and nest here.

The goldfinches have finally changed into their yellow tuxedos just in time to blend in with all the dandelions that have popped up.  I'm receiving handfuls of dandelion bouquets from Toodles lately.  She is really into picking flowers -- both dandelions and my tulips, daffodils and hyacinths.  Ah well, she is so thrilled and proud to hand a flower bouquet to me, that it melts my heart.

The moon is full tonight!  I hope you look for it!


  1. Love it! I am sure if my own little Tootles brought me flowers, I would just melt too! My little grandbabies call me Grammy and according to their momma, ask to see me all the time. I think it's great they are your neighbors - what a great way to grow up. My one grandma & grandma lived only a mile away from my childhood home, and that was lots of fun.
    Enjoy your birdies and the fresh spring weather!

    Ruth in NC

  2. Sweet birdies and sweet Toodles! I did look at the moon last night!

  3. I love your posts!. I always learn something. I'm off to hear the song of the Hermit thrush. Spring is just waking up here. I fear all of our fruit tree blossoms are gone. We had a hard freeze. Keeping our fingers crossed.

  4. Awwww, life sounds perfect on the prairie! Those little birds are so pretty -- how fun that they'll let you get so close to them!

  5. He's beautiful, if a bit grumpy/stern looking :) Pretty coloring. I'm glad he let you get so close. Walt Whitman wrote a lovely long poem about the death of Lincoln and his burial called "When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomed." In it, the hermit thrush plays an important role, and his song is compelling -- the song of the bird, the song of the poet. I taught that poem to students many years. Enjoy your little thrushes!

  6. Love the little hermit thrush! I had a beautiful little bluebird sitting on my deck railing this morning. The first I've seen. We've been having the same cold weather you have, so it's nice to see some songbirds arriving! :) I can just see little Toodles and her bouquet.

  7. Wonderful to have new bird friends in the neighborhood! Reading about your days makes me take closer notice of mine.

  8. He's sweet!
    I do love the birds. I'm so glad they visit us.

  9. Poor addlepated little birdy! He sure is cute.


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