Sunday, March 23, 2014

More peasantry...

Three more peasant dresses done!
These two have attached sashes that give an empire waist effect.
Miss Peach and Toodles were happy to wear them.

This peasant dress has more flair to it.
Miss Bee didn't like her first dress because it didn't twirl.  A girl likes what she likes, so I decided to make her another dress.  I cut the bodice at the waist and added this twirly skirt pattern (tutorial included) to the bottom.  She loves this dress!  

I'm having so much fun sewing these days.  Just one more li'l peasant to stitch up for Rootie Tootie, and then I plan to make a dress for DIL and me.  I found the cutest pattern, The Sis Boom Meghan Peasant.  I'm going to do a mock up top using a vintage sheet to see how it goes together and to get a feel for the size and shape I'm after.  Stay tuned.


  1. Yes! I have fabric for a few twirly skirts laying on my table now!

  2. Don't you love the feeling of inspiration that comes with sewing sometimes? Your dresses are SO GREAT! I love anything made from calicos!

  3. I think you're going to have to do a 'photo shoot' when all those pleasant peasant dresses are made up! They shout "Spring"!


  4. They're all so cute Ms. Gumbo! You're so lucky you have so many little girls to sew for!!!

  5. Super cute! I love all the fun fabrics you choose. I like your wreath and chair, too.

  6. All very cute! That is funny about the it.

  7. Wow, have you been busy! Very cute dresses!

  8. Still waiting for *my* peasant dress, J. Just sayin'.


  9. I don't know what's cuter - these sweet dresses or the nicknames for those little sweeties! Nice job!

  10. Ooo -- I'm a wee bit jealous of your happy sewing. I've still not returned to my sewing. Those dresses are darling, and I love that one girlie needs her TWIRL :) Good work!


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