Sunday, March 02, 2014

Doggone COLD...

Sun dogs are on either side of the setting sun tonight.
(I'm showing just one side)
The wind's blowing the snow around.
The early morning temp was -30*
and this evening 
 it's warmed up to -10*
Baby It's Cold Outside!


  1. now that is darn cold!! and here I am complaining because it is to drop to 12 tonight!

  2. I'm glad you have that picture of a coffee cup on the other side of the page so I don't start shivering!

  3. Oh brrrrr-rrrrrr. Great picture, Jody! It was 80 here yesterday, we walked the trail and sweated. Today we woke up to ice, to sleet and right now the weather app says it is 19. It is supposed to be 10 tomorrow morning, whatever that means? My brain cannot fathom it and my body is rebelling. Winter, please go away.

  4. Oh dearie me! That is cold...and it keeps on staying cold. I admire your ability to live through these kinds of days! Stay warm inside and snuggly!

    I am sorry to admit that it was so very warm here - short sleeves, driving with the windows down, and the redbud trees are already in bloom. That means that spring is moving its way up and up, heading to the North country where you are. It's hidden from you but it's on its way!

    Ruth in NC

  5. Brrrrrrrr. Spring is coming, Jody.

  6. Ooch!!! Hang on. Spring's just around the corner.

  7. Spring is coming, I just keep chanting that. We have frozen pipes n livestock that needs to get vaccinated n I want to crawl under the covers! We got the cold snap too, but sat the forecast is for much warmer. Beautiful sun dogs!

  8. I've never seen sun dogs before! What causes them?

    That is cold! We're going down to 12 degrees overnight, which is supremely cold for us, especially this time of year. Ready for spring, I am!


  9. That is so cold, it is starting to look like the north pole.
    I know you will have a wonderful spring.

  10. Hang On Jody -- it has to be warming up soon, doesn't it? Your picture is beautiful!

  11. Beautiful photo! We've been having some of that cold, too! :)

  12. OH, Jody -- when it's that cold, I say "Freezin' Frog Eyes!!!" Brrr. The whole country has had SUCH a winter this year. Your sun dogs are amazing! I've seen sun dogs before, but not ones so big and bright. Keep warm, girl!


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