Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Time to order chicks...

I stopped in at the feed store yesterday to pick up some layer pellet, wheat, and oyster shell for my chickens and J., the Crazy Chicken Lady Orderer, as she calls herself, reminded me that it is already time to order chicks for April delivery.  I was so glad she reminded me because last year I got chicks rather late in the year because I didn't think about it early enough.  I'm suspicious that there must be an uptick in new backyard chicken ranchers who are ordering early, and it throws us Old Lady Chicken Ranchers off.   Ah well, at least J. was on the ball and took my order then and there.

This is what I'll be looking forward to in mid-April. 
 I'm planning for the chicks to arrive here before Easter.  
(I'm thinking about the grandkids....always.)

The bountiful results of ordering chickies in February.

It's snowing again today and the temperatures are plummeting.  So far the high for the day is 6* and the temps are supposed to be taking a dive into the negatives for Wednesday and Thursday's highs.  I'm staying indoors and stitching on some embroidery pieces, but as always, I will venture out to the chicken coop to fetch the eggs and feed and water the girls.


  1. Great to see that your ahead of the game this year .lol
    Oh how I love when we have the chicks out and about on the farm.
    We do buy some (kept under lights) we also let a few broody hens set. Spring will get here one day ~ snowed yesterday , snowing again tomorrow and a blizz expected the end of the week .
    Stay warm ~ think Spring chickens :))

  2. Jody, Aunt Bonnie would heat up her egg shells (after breakfast) and let them brown. She'd take them to the chickens and rub the shells between her hands to break them up. The chickens loved eating the shells and it provided calcium for them. I know oyster shell is as good but letting them eat their own shells is less expensive.
    That first photo is fabulous!

    1. I save egg shells too. In fact, I keep a coffee can under the sink and throw my shells in it and smash it down every couple days. Right now the can is half full of crushed shells and it's getting heavy. I'll take it out to the girls pretty soon. I think they like the egg shells more than the oyster shell. Must really break down the egg shells or else the hens start eating their eggs.

  3. I love the sizes! I have six green eggs in my school refrigerator and I'm going to remember to bring them home. Our daughter-in-law's chickens are nice but not busy layers. Here's to a batch of babies that produce like crazy! Yay for your lambs and your chicks!

  4. I am using my imagination to accompany you out to the chickens in their coop - I think I can smell the straw and feel the barny warmth. Thanks for the pictures of the girls!

  5. Those chicks are so cute and the assortment of eggs are great. It is even cold here in the Seattle area with temps plummeting for us...
    It will be real cold at the Super Bowl Parade tomorrow in downtown Seattle...

  6. Nothing like ordering new chicks to make life seem just grand. My brother owns our local feedstore and he gets his chicks in every Thursday morning. I always haunt the place making up my mind to which kind I will get. I have to wait but I think April is just about right.
    Nothing better than fooling with baby chicks.

  7. I have a backyard chicken friend giving me a dozen free eggs every week! I am holding my breath to see how long my good fortune holds out. I think it must be very satisfying to have your own girls. I have decided if we ever move I want to get some.

  8. Ah, yes! I hope to find chicks of a new-to-me variety this year......Buttercup Chickens! Must put this on the to-do list.

  9. I was reading your comments -- gosh, I didn't know anything would eat egg shells, let alone the chickens. SO interesting! Can't wait to see your new babies when they're delivered. It's beautiful and snowy here too this morning -- stay warm!

  10. This is an interesting post. Keeping chickens sounds like a lot of work but your eggs are beautiful. I always learn something here. Hope it's warmer in your neck of the woods. Crispy and cold here today.

  11. Oh, those chicks are darling! Will I ever have chickens in my backyard? A girl can dream ...


  12. I ordered mine and they arrive in April as well! So happy haven't had chickens for a year. Cold here in Texas, We have had several mornings in single didgets....ready for June.


  13. Goodness, I'm so behind in my blog reading! Your eggs are so pretty. Glad you're remembering your baby chicks on time this year :) We're expecting snow again this week, and that's THREE times in a 2 week period, which is outrageous weather for us here! We don't get 3 snows in 10 years' time, much less 2 weeks. Sheesh!

  14. They are so cute and they eggs so pretty! Who needs to decorate Easter eggs when you have all those pretty eggs. I am still trying to convince the Engineer to help me build a coop so that we can have chickens. It's still a no go. Maybe this summer.



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