Friday, February 21, 2014

Of skies and sheep...

 Beautiful skies today and snow squalls passing through.

 Mama ewes and their babies.

 Don't sheep sometimes have human expressions?

Proud mama and her hungry lambies.


  1. That is THE MOST human expression I have ever seen from an animal. Hilariously cute.

    Those bright blue skies make the snow squalls seem alright. My Grandma Betty used to say stuff about the spring squallor when it was passing through in the springtime months - I'm enthused we aren't far away from this.

    Doesn't it feel like you are living 'the good life' with those bright eyed little lambs?

  2. I always love seeing your big open skies. It looks like you could stand on your tiptoes and reach those clouds.
    I love your mommas and the babies. They do look proud and protective. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. We've had 2 days respite for which I thank God. Winter is no longer than usual but it seems the storms have lasted longer without a break.

  4. Beautiful photos! I love the expressions of the sheep. Hope all is smooth. Can you believe all of this snow? We have had about 4 inches or more every day.

  5. SHEEPIES!!!!! Awwwww, they're SOOOOO cute! I hope their cuteness makes up for the freezing cold and late nights/early mornings. I wish I were there to help you with all the fun chores!

  6. That mama looks VERY proud. I like seeing that crooked tail. It gets docked, right? They really have the sweetest faces.

  7. They are all so cute! Even the mamas with their proud expressions. :o) Your photos always leave me longing to experience ranch life. Yes, even the all hours of the night check ups. I would need an afternoon nap though. :o)

  8. Oh Ewe just keep making me smile :))
    ( I know I am corny ~ just humor me lol )


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