Monday, June 03, 2013

High chair refurb...

(High Chair - Before)

I believe this is a Cosco high chair because of the classic design style and hearty build, but there is no label or imprinted name on it anywhere.  I'm guessing this is a 1960s version because of the color and weight.  This thing is H E A V Y !  OnlyDaughter bought the chair for me at a garage sale for $5.  I've been looking for one of these ever since the Stork started delivering grandbabies to us.

I really don't like the modern high chairs because they take up SO much space, and because they are mostly made of plastic.  This smiley-face yellow chair is one sturdy piece.  I have never refurbished a metal high chair before so I did some research before I plunged in to the project.

The chrome on the frame was in great shape, but not the tray.  I broke the chair down, unscrewing the frame and taking the seat apart. I used WD40 to loosen the bolts and then set the bolts aside to soak in a little WD40.  I used a damp steel wool pad and Dawn dish soap to scrub off the dirt and any rusty spots and then gave the tray a good working over.  I was thrilled with the results, however, the wear was too deep on the tray for me to scrub out.  FirstBornSon tried chrome polish on it, but it didn't work either so I decided I would just paint the tray. The vinyl seat was in such good shape, I chose to keep it for now.

I used Rustolem Clean Metal Primer spray paint followed by two coats of Rustoleum Gloss Protective Enamel on the tray, seat frame, and foot rest.  I was concerned about how safe a spray paint enamel would be on a child's tray, so after I stenciled "EAT" on it in sunny yellow, I went over it with three coats of water-based polyurathane.  I'm hoping it protects the enamel paint on the tray and the food that comes in contact with the tray surface.  I figured if poly is good enough for a wood table, it's good enough for a metal tray.


After re-assembling the chair, I sewed a belt for it so we could keep wiggly children in.  I used a D-ring on one side of the belt to cinch it. 

 Here it is, all shiny and clean and ready for Little Eaters!   

Over there 
Is Baby's chair,
His silver cup,
And silver spoon...
Baby's supper time
Comes soon.
~Baby Looks by Eloise Wilkin


  1. I gotta say -- that is one great chair, a classic, and you did a beautiful job! May many little hands and mouths enjoy many nibbles there!

  2. You do good work Girl! What a great refurb!! Love it...

  3. How nice! It's a sunshiny eating chair! I had a Cosco chair for Brad. I liked it so much. I forget why I kept getting additional eating chairs.
    We are almost past the high chair stage. Wow! That went fast!
    You did a beautiful job refurbishing!

  4. Darling! What a happy place to be in grammy's kitchen!


  5. Great job! You should go into business restoring furniture.

  6. That looks like a sturdy high chair for the little ones. A great refurb job done ready for happy eating!

  7. Love, love, LOVE it!! Absolutely adorable.. and the stencil? Love!

    Blessings, Debbie

  8. Love it! You did a great job!

  9. I love the chair Jody! What a cute rhyme too. You are one clever lady x

  10. Love this so much more than the hulky plastic contraption we had for Jack and Will. Really nice job, J!


  11. So cute!!! You are on a roll with the wonderful grand-girl projects. I am enjoying seeing all your are doing.

  12. Really cute high chair. You did a great job of fixing it up.

  13. Jody, you did an incredible job; it's beautiful! Love the EAT touch...cute, so cute.


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