Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The Lord is my shepherd....

 I shall not want...

 He makes me lie down in green pastures...
He leads me beside quiet waters...

He restores my soul.
~Psalm 21

We accounted for the flock and wormed the lambs.
136 ewes
230 lambs
170% lamb crop.

The yearling ewes are currently wild-lambing in Chuck's.
They are happy and it looks like many are twinning.

This past week:  3.5" of rain.
I shall not want.


  1. I love that Psalm...and your pictures! Your lamb crop looks great :)!!

    That is a lot of rain in a week. We had some last week, but this week is looking warm and sunny.

    I always love your posts :).


  2. Beautiful! Can I "snitch" a couple of these pictures? I got my sheep poster and now I am looking for a good frame. Your sheep will be in my living room.
    Praise the Lord for rain!

  3. I'm so glad God made colors. Green is so soothing and refreshing.


  4. The Lord has answered your prayers. Beautiful photos.

  5. I love that so much. God has given the increase.
    I love all of the photos.

  6. Awe, sweet little lambs on such nice green grass. God is so good to us.

  7. "Count your blessings, name them one by one..." You do such a great job of being thankful!

  8. photos are so beautiful....love to see all the sheep and be reminded of Psalm 23...of our loving Savior
    and his unchanging, unending, love for us...green pastures, quiet waters....He restores my soul...how
    comforting and reassuring is this..HE restores my soul!


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