Thursday, May 30, 2013

Simple Things: triple-sheet your summer bed...

I noticed at the two hotels we stayed in these past couple weeks, that the beds are triple-sheeted.  There were no bedspreads or comforters.  I did a little un-doing of our hotel bedding to discover there is the fitted sheet on the mattress, then the flat sheet on top of it.  Next is the duvet or blanket, and on top of it goes another flat sheet.  Both hotels had a coverlet or a throw tucked in at the very bottom of the bed which added color and more warmth if you needed it.  How very smart, I thought, to keep the blanket/duvet clean and to give the guests the most sanitary bedding.  I know how infrequently I wash my own comforter so I really appreciated that everything is changed and laundered at the hotel for every guest.

I was a hotel maid as a teenager and we did not have this method of bedding, but we did launder the bedspreads occasionally.  But still, not between every single guest.  Knowing how people lay on hotel beds with their clothes and shoes on and do who-knows-what on top of the bed, the triple sheet method makes sanitary sense and practical laundering sense. 

I decided I wanted to replicate the idea in our bedroom.  I looked around my home and found an extra flat sheet or two and some vintage white on white embroidered pillowcases that I had forgotten about. Since it is spring and nearly summer, I decided I would sandwich a light blanket in between the sheets instead of our comforter.   Next up, the sheets, blanket, and pillowcases were washed to make everything as fresh as possible. I sandwiched everything together and here's our summer ensemble.  I'm thinking how fun it would be to change the look anytime by simply changing the top flat sheet, and adding an accent pillow, or throw.

For a demonstration on how to triple sheet your bed, click here, and for written instructions click to Distracted Wanderer.  Here is wonderful video on creating a comfortable, beautiful, and inviting bed. I am going to start collecting white bedding components like he suggests. I have a few, but not many. I also love the organized and attractive look of his linen closet. I am so excited because I'm buying my daughter's small armour (pre-sale at her garage sale) to store my linens.  At the moment, I have bed linens stashed all over the house and many need to be tossed out.   How do you like to dress your bedroom for summer?  Do you have a favorite bedroom look?   One thing I love to do is to cut fresh flowers from the garden and place them on the nightstand.   It's lovely to wake up to a cheery bouquet first thing in the morning.


  1. I am liking this idea!!!

    1. I hope you try it. Can't wait to get into bed tonight. Delicious bed!

  2. Please rethink tossing out sheets. Quality sheets and towels are now extremely hard to find in stores. Most new sheets wrinkle horribly, have an irritating feel and fray after a year of washing. Newer manufactured hand towels actually don't clean.

    On the other hand, I still have 25 year old fabulous sheets made in America that are still holding-up.

    I recall that someone has a thriving business re-conditioning used American-made sheets because newer sheets are terrible.

    When I go to yard sales-I search for unopened packages of American-made sheets.

  3. Pat,
    The sheets and blankets that I am considering tossing out are not good ones. They are cheap and worn out. Like you, I am always on the lookout for the good old fashioned sheets that you are talking about. Sometimes I find them at thrift stores. In fact, the ones I pulled out of my stash are old and have that wonderful, smooth cotton feel that I have not seen yet in new sheets.

    I wonder how a person re-conditions used sheets?

  4. This is one of those, "duh, why didn't I think of that" moments. I love the idea of changing the look so simply!

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. Great idea! I stayed with my cousin this past winter, and she had something similar to this with the topper covering a light goose-down comforter. It was cozy since the comforter wasn't loose over me. I felt like I was sleeping in a nest.

  6. It IS a great idea. I'm been thinking about going all white in the bedroom anyway.
    Great post, Jody!

  7. My bedroom is in desperate need of a makeover. I'm so impressed with how comfy yours looks!

  8. We've always had white sheets on our bed, plus a white comforter, and then a quilt (homemade, natch). Recently, the Man went out and bought expensive, high thread-count sheets at Kohls. It was a splurge, but we've had the same sheets for years, and these new ones are such a pleasure!

    We keep our bedroom very simple. Bed as described as above, black bedside tables, a black chest of drawers and a black dresser from Ikea. The Man has allergies, so we don't keep bookshelves in our bedroom, and we don't have a rug--just hardwood floors. It's simple and serene. Very nice!


  9. What a great idea for the summer! And how fun to be on the lookout now for beautiful vintage linens :-) And maybe embroider some more of your own?

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  11. I'll soon be 74 - my mother passed away the end of January at the age of 97 - and it's been on my mind to write a book about the things I've learned from her. I was reminded of it the other day during spring cleaning. It was time to turn the mattress (her way, end for end, and side for side - regularly once a season!) I stripped my bed in this order from top down: A pretty percale sheet because a cat lives here and loves me up at night before going to his place by the window, an old pink chenille bedspread I've been using as a light weight blanket since the winter blankets came off, the top sheet, bottom sheet, a "draw" sheet (Mom's term for a folded sheet placed longways across the mattress where your body lies), a fitted sheet protecting the mattress pad, a nice thick mattress pad she bought me years ago, so big and thick it can only be done in the large machine at the laundromat, and last - I even surprised myself - by pulling off another fitted sheet which revealed at last the mattress!!! This time I didn't vacuum the mattress as all that other stuff got laundered, but Mom would have, and would have a fit if she knew I didn't. The box spring has a pretty fitted sheet protecting it, too, and makes a nicer appearance. Now you can see this already made a chapter in my book!

    The point of it is this: Mom knew what it was like during the Depression to have at times only one dress which she washed herself and dried by the stove for school the next day. She worked hard all her life, never wasting a thing, especially hard-earned money. Covering her mattresses and caring for the bedding so well was merely protecting an investment. I was born in the bed she purchased new in 1939, and 17 months later my brother was also born on it - so protected that there wasn't a mark on the mattress. There were two more children born in the hospital. We were never allowed to play on the beds, and had to be bathed before crawling into them. The blankets and pillows were regularly aired outside on the lines, too. God bless my dear Mom! And since bedding is so very expensive these days, Mom's way is a good way.

    I love, love, love your blog - and truly admire the things you do. I don't travel, but it's good to know that some places are being more careful about the beds!

  12. Dear Anon.,

    I really enjoyed reading the story about "uncovering" your mother's bed. You really should write a book about all the good things your mom taught you through the years. Wonderful, good stuff.

    We really don't travel much, but it is interesting to see how things are changing in bedding in hotels.

  13. I do this (I adore my duvet) but did not know there was a name for it. Thanks ;-)
    xox Clarice

  14. HS Soft Coral Bed Blanket from Bizarkdeal

    This is soooooo soft. I got it as a throw for my guest room but it's so nice that it's usually in the front room being used by my boyfriend while watching TV. It's plenty long so if you are sitting in a recliner you can tuck it under your feet and still pull it all the way up to your neck even if you're 6 feet tall. It's not the warmest blanket in the world so if you run hot this will be great for you.


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