Thursday, May 02, 2013

Birding on the reservoir...

I counted 48 pelicans near the reservoir today.
I wonder if they'll stay all summer?  
Doubtful, but maybe.


These beach walkers are American Avocets. 
They have a very loud voice.
It's sure fun watching the birds coming home for the summer.


  1. 48 pelicans? Wow! :) I bet they were noisy too! xx

  2. Wow! How miraculous! Thank you for sharing with us, Jody!

  3. What fun a flock of Pelicans ! I was excited to have the hummingbirds come back to town last week :)

  4. G'day Gumbo Lily. Lovely photos. Pelicans are great birds, very majestic. Take care. Liz...

  5. Oh how cool Jody! I don't think I've ever seen a pelican that wasn't in a zoo. Beautiful pictures!

  6. Very neat, Jody! You just never know what will turn up! They are fascinating to watch aren't they?

  7. That is awesome! Pelicans? I think I would love to visit that place often.

  8. I enjoyed seeing pelicans when I was in Florida with my sister - we don't have them here. It's funny though - I never imagined them on the prairie!

  9. Pelicans are so fun to watch! We spent mornings in Peurto Ricco watching them dive for fish. Considering their size their agility is amazing! I have been hearing all sorts of wonderful bird calls around here these days, but I cannot spot the owners. Perhaps if I lived on the prairie, I might be able to see them. It does make me think of you.


  10. Hope they stick around for you to enjoy :-)


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