Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dandelion fields forever...

 It's the first day of dandelion fields in full-burst bloom!  One thing I have noticed on this day throughout the years here is that certain birds appear when the dandelions bloom.  The first feathered friend I saw this morning at the feeder was the male American Goldfinch.  The fellas have changed their drab tweeds for yellow tuxedos.  How handsome they are, and isn't it coincidental that they match the sunshiney dandelions just perfectly?  Sorry, I didn't get a goldfinch photo today, but....

 I did mange to snap a picture of this cutie-pie.  He (or she) is a Swainson's Thrush.  There have been a bunch of them scratching and digging around in the lawn and the dry leaves in the gardens.  This one crashed into the window and was a wee bit stunned, so I went out and took a picture before the headache wore off and he flew away.

 This friendly little blue-gray bird is a Nuthatch.  He stays with us all year round, but he seems to be extra busy finding more bugs and things on the tree bark.  Nuthatches don't seem to be bothered by people walking around snapping pictures close by.

This handsome gentleman showed up this afternoon along with his wife who doesn't wear such bright apparel.  This is an Blackheaded Grosbeak and he dominates the feeder when he shows up.  I can't wait to see who else shows up these next few days.

Statistics:  2.5" of rain over the weekend through Monday morning.  Stock ponds and reservoirs are filling up.  It's a good beginning.  I mowed the grass today too.

What is a weed?
A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. I love your bird photos. My goldfinches also turned these last few weeks. I'm glad you got some rain. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What great pictures of birds. I have been planting a lot of flowers to attract butterflies so I am hoping that the birds will be here also. We have not had much great weather yet so we will see what the weather brings this year. Last yeart we had a drought. Dianntha

  3. Wow! 2.5"? That is outstanding!

    I love those goldfinches. We don't see a pile of them, but I put out that Niger seed stuff and always hope to see them. I would love for the girl's to see them this year!

    Oh, aren't the dandelions something. ha.

    Are your big beasts out on pasture? I kind of secretly like wrapping up calving...especially after such a snowy, yucky spring. The girls and I are going to start baking for brandings today and have stuff shoved in the freezer, so when it's sprung upon me I can feel like I might sort of have two feet underneath me. :)

    Really hoping you are all well.

  4. Oh I have got to copy that quote right now and embrace it...for my yards sake.
    Love all your shots of the sweet birds. I'm way behind at refilling my bird feeders. Glad you are getting the moisture you need.

  5. Thanks for the American bird fix! The Grosbeak is especially choice, and I'm sorry to hear that the Swainson's Thrush ran into your window.

    And I love the quote!

  6. I love the Dandelions. I know they are a weed,
    but weeds can be beautiful in bloom
    all covering a hill or bare piece of dry ground
    or mountain area, sometimes along the freeways or highways.....they brighten up the view filling
    up all the dryness with color!

  7. I love your bird photos! I've noticed that about nuthatches. They aren't shy.
    Yay for dandelions and LEAVES. I'm so happy that the trees are in full leaf.

  8. It's hard for me to think of dandelions as weeds. They are somewhat edible, so cheerful and hardy! And the way they make their seeds in their fluffy pompoms is so ingenious and whimsical. How telling that God Himself included such a fun detail in their design.

  9. I adore dandy cheerful and pretty. I'm with Angela...whimsical.

  10. I love how spring just shows up all at once. Or it seems to me watching your photos. I love that you are having so much rain and I love all of the birds.

  11. Beautiful yellow! You need to make wine. :) Your birds are lovely and so different from those here. And I am so happy you have rain. I bet your garden is happy happy happy. :)

  12. Do you eat dandelion greens? I never have, but it's nice to think you can.

    I love seeing the birds y'all have out there. Yesterday on my walk I saw a Carolina bluebird, and then seconds later, a goldfinch. What a creation we live in!


  13. I LOVE that Emerson quote! Your birds are lovely, seems you have such great variety. I'm going to pay attention today and make sure that I am properly appreciating my own birds. Perhaps I too have great variety but I'm just getting used to my dear little friends.

    Blessings, Debbie

  14. Yay for rain! We could use some of it down here in Texas :-) I love how you delight in God's creation, even lowly dandelions.

  15. Love your bird photos. We have a Baltimore Oriole here, but I have yet to see him except for a brief glimpse. I am impressed with how many birds you capture with your camera!

    We need rain too. We received 9mm last night which isn't much when you hear that Toronto received nearly 70mm of rain. I'm glad your stock ponds and reservoirs are starting to fill up!



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