Thursday, April 04, 2013

Things for small hands...

When the grandgirls come over for the day, we spend quite a bit of time outdoors.  We don't do anything spectacular.  We play Hide & Seek and explore in the trees and dig around in the dirt... mostly.  The girls like to swing in the willow tree too.  One favorite activity for small hands is to  sprinkle tiny pebbles into this holey ocean rock that came from the Oregon Coast.  The rock has been a main attraction in my rock pile for a long time.  I wonder how long it took for the ocean to create those lovely finger-sized holes?  Who needs toys when you have rocks with holes and rocks with puzzle patterns on them like the one below?

There is so much to see and feel in nature, 
that just being outside is an adventure.

My hands have been busy embroidering a new softie doll for the newest grandgirl to hold.  Ladybug  is 3 1/2 months old now, and her wee fingers like to grab onto things.  I think this curly-headed Sunflower Girl will be soft and squishy in her hands and will make her smile.  What have your hands been touching and feeling?

*Flower-Girl embroidery patterns found at Hoop Love Vintage Transfers.


  1. That little doll is so cute! Did you make the pattern? I would love to make one for my wee little grandchild. Thank you, Angela

  2. Well, today I pulled up some dead day lily leaves. Aren't outside adventures the best? Millie Rose kicked balls around, played in our playhouse, and wanted Granny to hit the whiffle ball with the big bat. Tomorrow is opening day, after all!
    Your softie is so beautiful! She looks like you! She will be greatly loved!
    Maybe I'll mail a package off to you tomorrow. Why is it so hard for me to get to the post office? It's a mystery.

  3. My hands have not been touching anything quite as creative as that sweet soft doll. Let's just say that my feet will be happy to meet up with my shower floor after today :) Love those rocks!

  4. I love collecting rocks and pebbles Jody! I'm slowly filling the garden with my collection growing with each visit to the coast. My latest trip to Wales gave me a new rock, and a holey one like yours:)Your puzzle rock is very unusual. What a sweet little doll.
    I've just become a great aunt, so will try
    my hand at the little doll for my first ever great niece. x

  5. I love how my children love to be outdoors. Nature is the best toybox for growing minds. I have been touching a lot of tissues, mugs of hot peppermint tea, and blankets. I am looking forward to getting rid of this springtime cold.

    I am glad you and your grands have been able to be outside enjoying some sunshine!


  6. today...lots of laundry, washed and then dried on the line, loved on Carly and the dogs and cats/kittens. we had sunshine today...a GIFT from the snow/ice/sleet of yesterday and the rain tomorrow.
    softie doll is lovely, Jody.

  7. You are such a good grandma! What a sweet dolly, too.


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