Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring + Snow = Mud

 We got a nice spring snow this week...
which is turning into glorious mud
and greengrass.

 A Grammy Day means...
splashing in the puddles.
 Everything washes so
go ahead and get muddy.

We are so grateful for the moisture.
Who wouldn't jump for JOY?!

There's an eagle in me that wants to soar,
and there's a hippopotamus in me that wants to 
wallow in the mud.
~Carl Sandburg


  1. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and MUD season! It's coming here, to be sure.

  2. I wish ours had melted so quickly. I am happy for you. Though I have to admit spring mud brings back strong memories of getting stuck.

  3. Nothing better than puddles for children. What fun! Thank goodness for all of the rain and moisture. We need it.

  4. It looks just like that here, no snow but spring storms and flood watches here. I am ok with it, I was so ready for spring. Dianntha

  5. That's a lot of muddy fun right there! I adore the quote! You're so literary, Jody!

  6. Oh, my, what a happy splashing is going on there.

  7. We are in the muddy season as well. Take my muck boots everywhere- just in case.

  8. That is some jump! Yay for snow!!!

  9. Oh, that looks like SO much fun! I hope it stays nice and we there -- for the crops!

  10. Your such a good grandma. I think it is great you have one day a week, just you and the grand kids. They will treasure the memories of mud!! xox Clarice

  11. Mud in spring is very good! You are an awesome grandma! My mud puddlers would be happy play at your home.



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