Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Birding on the prairie...

A couple of days ago I was out picking up bits of bale wrap on the feed grounds before Hubby went out to harrow.  The harrow breaks up the manure on the feed grounds which provides fertilizer for the soil.  As I was walking around out there, I noticed a pair of long-necked birds flying overhead that had equally long legs.  Sandhill Cranes!  I made a mental note of where they appeared to touch down, and decided after I was done picking up, I'd go find them.  I had my camera in my pocket.


I wish I had brought the good camera because I know I would have captured the beauty of these birds much better with it.  You can barely see a tuft of red feathers on the head of this crane.  Cranes are prairie walkers.  The whole time I was watching, they walked and walked.  I'm not sure where they were going, but I know my presence was bothering them.  They probably wanted to feed along the banks of the stock dam.

 Last night we got a good snow.  It's what we've been praying for.  The juncos were enjoying the spilled sunflower seeds in the backyard.

At the stock pond near our house, a small flotilla of Northern Shovelers were feeding on who-knows-what.  This particular stock pond is not very clean.  The ducks  put their bills into the water and sift through the stuff as they swim along.  If you click this photo, you will get a closer look.

We are so grateful for this wet spring snow.  It'll do a lot of good.  It's possible we could get some more yet tonight or tomorrow.  We hope so.  The birds were singing madly this morning, praising God for fresh water.  I was singing praises too.


  1. I like thinking of you and your bird friends singing and walking together. The sandhill cranes are very exotic to me. And the ducks - all three of them with their heads in the water at once. They must be hungry.
    I'm glad you often have your camera along on your amazing prairie days!

  2. I loved your shots of the cranes Jody, even with the smaller camera I saw the red tuft of feathers:), what a wonderful interuption to your work. It is good to be alert and aware of your surroundings so as not to miss wonderful treasure in nature. Thank you I feel like I've been for a walk with you. Let's have coffee now ;)x

  3. You are an excellent birder, Jody!
    We had the snow, too.
    We had to delay our dirt. Sad. Soon, spring will be here to stay, but I agree that we remain thankful for the moisture.

  4. I love that you're loving snow this late in the season -- when many others are grumbling. (I love it anytime!) Your bird photos are wonderful. It's so fun watching the birds and animals in the spring!

  5. What a lovely batch of birds to enjoy :-)

  6. Those cranes are amazing. Must have been fun to see them walking along...
    Yippee for your much needed moisture.

  7. I think it is amazing that those cranes winter down here..they just love the wheat fields. And then they fly so far to your part of the woods. How can anyone not believe in an intelligent creator when you just observe the creation!

    So glad yall got mositure. We had sleet so big and loud it sounded like hail hitting the windows and it is cold! Sad because I bet it got all the budding fruit trees and the wild plums.

    HAve a blessed day.


  8. You have such different birds where you live. I always enjoying see them, especially those cranes. They look huge. So happy that you got some good snow. We are getting rain today which we need. More all around would be nice.

  9. the cranes are lovely; it brings to mind a book by... Aldous ??? It's tugging at my memory but not quite there.

  10. I would love to see those sandhill cranes! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Glad your prayers were answered and you got some needed snow. The cranes are awesome and look quite big even from far away.
    Thanks for sharing and I hope your days are going well right now.

  12. I bet a wet snow is such a blessing. You are so dependent on the weather. I bet it affects your walk with God, leaning and trusting Him more xox Clarice

  13. I'm glad you've had some precipitation lately. We've had more than our fair share here, so I was happy to enjoy some sunshine again. Things are greening up here finally. I am always amazed at all the different birds you have. Today I watched a blue heron fly over. He didn't stop to say hello though. :o)



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