Friday, October 26, 2012

Laundry room blooms...

She's at it again!  The Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas-Easter Cactus is coming into bloom.  I had really good intentions of repotting her this summer.  The old girl is enormous and ought to be potted into a larger container -- a washtub perhaps -- or else she ought to be split into smaller plants to share with my girls.  But.......I didn't do any of that.  I forgot to do the smallest thing -- give her a dose of spring tonic.  But here she is faithfully brightening the short-sun days with her goodness and beauty in my humble laundry room.  Miss Cactus is an especial gift given to the laundress herself, and I'm singing her praises!


  1. How lovely! Flowers in the laundry room - brilliant!

  2. Beautiful! As always. Now how many years have you had this pretty plant? Seems like a wonderfully long time.

  3. Isn't she the best sort of friend? Thanks so much for sharing her picture again!

  4. Jody, although mine isn't huge, mine is just starting to bloom!? What!? Maybe this is how all Christmas cactus' are? Hooray for having sister cactus's! I was pumped when I read about yours. haha!

    Also loved your post about the eggs...and chicken. Such a pretty picture with all the eggs lined up!

  5. Pom Pom,
    The reason the Cactus is in the laundry room is because the light is best in there and because the girl is just too big to be anywhere else.

    Gosh, it seems like the Cactus is at least 10 years old, but I don't remember which year I picked it up on the Christmas clearance bin.

    Gretchen Joanna,
    Yes, she is a good friend all these years.

    Well, I'm glad you mentioned that your Cactus is doing the same thing. Maybe they all do this, but I don't remember it blooming so long into spring until more recent years. Sister Cactus's indeed!

    Love all of your comments. Thanks.

  6. I have a red geranium in the laundry room window, I love a little bit of beauty and color while I'm working.

  7. It's good to see her again--she's lovely as always!


  8. Beautiful Christmas(plus) cactus. They are such long lasting plants. Mine was just getting good sized when it was blown off the porch, pot and all, by a very strong wind gust. Broke it all to pieces. I picked up the broken off leaves and stuck them in some sandy potting soil. All of the broken off pieces have added new leaves, and the original plant has little flower buds on it. Gotta love Christmas (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter) cactus.

  9. When we lived in Nampa, Idaho back in the 60's, there was a 'Christmas' cactus in the lobby of the post office. It took up most of the small lobby, too!! We lived there over the winter and some part of that plant was always in bloom. The postmistress said she had had it for 35 years. I've had several and they always made my heart sing when they would bloom. Thanks for sharing yours.


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