Monday, April 16, 2012

My peeps....

 After chores this morning, I headed for the feed store to pick up my Peeps.  I ordered 18, but Liz gave me two "free gift chicks" which was nice.   Doesn't this multi-colored peep look like she's wearing eye liner?

 The whole peeping fuzz ball.
They are under a red heat lamp so therefore you see a wee bit of a red glow.

 Last year's peeps have become lovely laying hens.
They are really digging it out there in the tall, green grass scratching for bugs.

 I just liked this picture so much.  This hen is a White Leghorn.
The second photo I cropped up close to see her face.
Does she not have the prettiest red comb and wattle?

 This little red hen is a Red Sex-link and she lays the biggest, red-brown eggs.  Sex-link chicks are cross bred -- usually a leghorn with a Rhode Island Red for the red colored hens.  I ordered 6 more sex-links this year along with Pearl White Leghorns (white eggs), Barred Rocks (brown eggs), and Auracana (green/blue eggs).

Today's pickin's.
I hope God blessed you today.
"Be still and know that I am God."
~~Psalm 46:1, 10


  1. Praise the Lord your little one is ok. Yikes!
    Your little peeps are really colorful and sweet!

  2. Oh my goodness, what a scare! I'm glad she's okay. Whew!
    I always love looking at your eggs. They are so big!
    I think you are the best ranch picture taker ever, Jody! I am crazy about those speckled hens and the leghorn girl. Thanks!

  3. Wow -- sounds like a scarey few hours for your family -- I'm so glad everything is ok. The peeps are adorable -- how fun to have them around with your little granddaughters!

  4. So glad your grandbaby is okay!! Those chickies are adorable. How I wish I had chickens! Someday :)

  5. I love chicken posts. My chicks will be here in May. Your last year hens are really nice girls. Your eggs look very nice too.
    I am so glad your baby is fine. God is so good.

  6. Oh my! What a scare -- I'm so glad your little is okay!
    Your chicks are so cute, and your grande dame is quite the lovely lady. What do you do with all those eggs? Do you manage to eat them all or do you sell them? I wish I lived close enough to run over and buy a few from you now and then!

  7. So very very glad to know Mary Toodles is okay!!! Oh, how vulnerable we become when our heart is outside of our bodies. Thanking God for His kind mercies....


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