Monday, April 02, 2012

Grocery store orchid....

 It's *just* a grocery store orchid, but my oh my, is it lovely!  I feel like I have something extravagant and other-worldly.  For my neck of the woods it is, but if I can buy something this beautiful at my hometown grocery store for $14.95, they must not be too rare or too difficult for most folks to grow.  According to my step-mom, who was given one last year, they are easy to keep.  After I brought my Phalaenopsis Orchid home I did a little research online which said that orchids are quite easy to grow indoors under the proper conditions.  These beauties need filtered light, never direct light, and watering for my particular orchid is minimal.  On the care card included with the flower it says to add 3 ice cubes or 1/4 cup of water weekly and to keep it at a comfortable temperature: 60-85*F (20-35*C), about the temperatures that you and I like to live in.  How simple is that?  The other nice thing is that they hold their blooms for up to 3 months.  That's a lot of enjoyment for a few bucks.
I have my Easter Orchid standing next to the kitchen sink near the window where it will get filtered light.  My new posie is one of those simple joys that makes me smile every time I glance over at it.  I'm excited to see if I can make it re-bloom later or see if it makes a new baby orchid.  If you care to know more about buying, caring for, and growing orchids, this is a very nice site:  Orchid Care.

Another blooming beauty in our home is my Christmas Cactus.  Remember it began blooming for me way back before Thanksgiving?  Well, it has continued to bloom profusely all through the winter and is still pouring-it-on right through to Easter.  It exudes life and beauty all through the bleak wintery months.  I love it.  I have always thought of it as God's special gift to me.  It lives in the laundry room (still) so it is hidden from most onlookers, but it doesn't mind it's humble abode and keeps on thriving while existing on a little water and much neglect.

I remember when I was a girl, our old neighbor lady, Mrs. Wilson, grew African Violets in her sun room.  They were ever-so-beautiful, and she would sometimes invite us in for apple pie and  show off her special violets.  She was proud of them as if they were her own children.  My mom had a Boston Fern that was ensconced on a a tall, ornate plant stand.  She babied and babied it -- misting it almost daily and talking to it.  She loved growing plants.  Do you think growing houseplants is a fading art?   I don't have many indoor plants, but the few I do have are very tough and hard to kill.  I'm not big on artificial plants, but have never been "into" keeping many houseplants either. Even if my sweet orchid only lasts a couple of months and withers and dies, it will be well worth the price for a few beautiful blooms before summer is here. Now I think I'll go smile at my orchid again before I go to sleep.


  1. Sigh...I can grow many houseplants but I have failed at orchids, Christmas cactus and african violets. I'm so glad you are enjoying your blooms!


    P.S. Now my roses...they've got buds that will soon show forth! Just in time for Easter!

  2. Pretty! I didn't know they were so low maintenance. Do you have snow? We do.
    Funny spring.

  3. It's so pretty Jody! I do think growing houseplants is a dying art. I hardly know anyone anymore who has them. Everytime I buy them I just kill them -- so sad. Good Luck with your orchid!

  4. Oh, this post is so strange-it's like you read my mind! We've got a big empty awkward space in our sort of living room area that was built as a dining room area. I told my husband last night, I'd like to build a really prim/country bench to put in front of the window to set plants on...African violets...etc...etc. I asked him if his mom or Grandma's had any type of special plants growing up...because each of my Grandma's and my mom did! Mom had a big fern too! Absolutely HUGE!! The leaves would fall off on the carpet and mom was endlessly vacuuming underneath there. I can remember my Grandma Myrna's beautiful Christmas cactus too...and mine just about NEVER blooms when it should!

    Anyway, I was thinking I should write a post asking about what people had in their homes and if there was anything they grew up with! Then you beat me to the punch! haha!

    My sis in law had orchids in the house for years---they were beautiful! Seemed so tropical when it would be blizzarding outside.

  5. Your orchid is beautiful, and even if it only cost $14.99, it seems rare and exotic to me, too.

    My father grows African Violets and other houseplants in front of the picture window in my parents' kitchen. I have a couple pots of philodendron, which have been going strong for well over five years. I've not had much luck with other plants, though maybe I should try again. I love green stuff inside!


  6. This reminded me of a few years ago. My mother, sister and I were on a short road trip and stopped at a nursery where they had the most beautiful jasmine plants. They were intoxicatingly fragrant. Problem was that in the valley they overwinter and are perennials. If we took them over the mountain (home) they would be annuals. They were $19.00. I didn't even hesitate. I thought it funny that these gals who wanted one so bad would spend that much on coffee in just a few days... this jasmine would be enjoyed all summer long. I convinced them and those jasmine were amazing. I kept mine on the patio near the back door where it would send its sweet fragrance inside every evening. I guess all that just to say... I get it!

    And you placed that beauty right there next to the perfect curtains (that I am still coveting by the way)!

  7. So pretty! I picked one up at Lowe's the other day for just about the same price (great minds . . .?). I try to buy some inexpensive flowers at the grocery store every week (slim pickins 'round here), but now, we'll have our pretty orchids for weeks and weeks and won't have to -- totally economic in the long run! I think we should go buy more, don't you ;)?


  8. I tend to neglect my houseplants and so I have very few. I do however have a ficus (ornamental fig) that has survived since before the Engineer and I were married. We'll be married 19 years in October!

    Orchids are so beautiful! I hope yours lasts a nice long time and that you get lots of enjoyment from its beauty.



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